Pretty Cute OvarieS?

I’ll start from the beginning.

I was diagnosed with PCOS {polycystic ovarian syndrome….or pretty cute ovaries?} in early 2008, although I’m pretty sure I’ve suffered from it far longer than that. I’ve had irregular cycles since age 16, but it wasn’t until I went to see Dr. L {who is amazing and who I will often rant and rave about throughout this blog} that someone finally took iniative to figure out why and properly diagnose me, rather than sticking me on the pill and pushing me out the door.

A quick rundown on PCOS.  It basically involves a lot of metabolic and hormonal imbalances that makes my head swim. Due to my body releasing too much of one hormone and not enough of the other, I do not ovulate. Instead, the follicles sit on my ovaries and never mature into a viable egg. So instead of being released and being snatched up by the fallopian tube, they turn into small {and painful} cysts that make themselves at home on my ovary{s}. Let’s just get this out in the open: If you do NOT ovulate, you canNOT conceive {on your own}.  Period.  Just “relaxing” and “not trying so hard” will not  help or make you magically pregnant in any way.  Saying this to a woman dealing with infertility is probably the WORST thing you could possibly do.  End rant.

Besides the painful cysts and infertitlity issues, PCOS comes with boat loads more of fun side effects. Like uncontrollable weight gain {check.}, difficulty losing said weight {check.},  acne that could put a 13 year old girl’s face to shame {check.},  creepy body hair in weird places {not yet, thank God!},  and much much more that I haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing yet, I’m sure.

I plan to post about my journey and struggles with trying to conconceive {TTC} over the past year and half, as well as sharing the next steps that we are taking right now as we speak. My story is a long one, and one I need to be in the right mindset to write about. So I leave you for now, but will return with a bucket full of emotions.



4 thoughts on “Pretty Cute OvarieS?

  1. With a semi-definite PCOS diagnosis, I know the pain and the wait. I am now over 2 years into this journey. Hard to describe, but good to write about. Keep hoping. (When the “relaxing” doesn’t work).

    • Thank you so much. The waiting IS the most painful part! But incredibly, after almost 2 years, we still have so much hope in our home for a family. And I am so blessed to have so many people hoping and praying for us every single day. Good luck to you!

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