The Two Week Wait

…is longer than two weeks.  I’m convinced.

Today I am 6 days past IUI {done on Friday, July 20}.  It’s entirely too early to even be wondering if I’m pregnant yet or not.  Everyone has been shocked that I have to wait “so long” to find out.  But it’s like I told them, it’s the same as if we got knocked up the old fashioned way!

So every little blip or cramp or pinch I feel in my uterus or ovaries has my mind going 90 miles an hour wondering what the heck it all means.  When I got pregnant last year, I had menstual-like cramps the entire week before I tested.  I thought I was about to start my period.  But apparently, cramping is also a sign of early pregnancy.  As well as breast tenderness.  Which also happens to be a sign that you’re about to start your period.  Get where I’m going with this?  I mean, seriously.  This has got to be some big cosmic joke!

I bought a box of 3 pregnancy tests yesterday.  You know, in preparation for when I do test.  I refuse to test any sooner than 10 days past IUI, which, if we’re being honest, is still probably way too soon.  It’s weird to have everything riding on a friggin’ stick that gets peed on.

So I think I may post about the entire IUI process and experience this weekend.  So keep an eye out for that.  I may be doing this whole thing backwards, but I’ve never blogged before, so…eh, whatever.


4 thoughts on “The Two Week Wait

  1. I’m also new to blogging. Mine are all over the place. Blogging is all about what you feel like writing about, even if it means changing what you’re writing about between each paragraph, which is how I roll. I might have writing ADD? 😉 Welcome to the community!
    I am excited for you your IUI! i wish you the best of luck! I know they are expensive and time consuming and stressful, but they can be so worth it!

    • Oh my gosh, I wish I knew the secret to success here but I’m just fumbling along as I go LOL… I can tell you that the whole experience was pretty easy, quick, and relatively painless, albeit a little awkward {mostly for the hubs haha}. I plan to get a post up about my whole IUI experience…meant to do that sooner but got distracted!

      Otherwise, my advice is to still have a lot of sex! Haha! We did it a couple extra times a few days after the IUI, but not as often as we do on a normal cycle. If we have to do it again I’ll have the hubs in the bedroom every night just to cover our bases LOL… My fear is that I didn’t ovulate when I was supposed to and we missed it because we weren’t worried about sex so much because I had the IUI.

      Good luck to you!! I’ll try to get my IUI post up tonight or tomorrow…hopefully that will give you more info:) Sticky baby vibes!!!!

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