Sexy Time. Again.

Gone were the days of scheduled intercourse, coming home after a long day from work, looking at my husband with a complete lack of interest, and thinking, “Let’s just get this over with now so we don’t have to worry about it after dinner.”


Or so I thought.  Here’s your warning: This post may include some TMI moments {Do those even exist when you’re TTC???}.

The past 3 cycles have been fantastic.  Before I started the Letrozole we did a month of BC.  Then my next cycle we did the IUI.  The next cycle was a bust because I was ovulating on the wrong ovary.  So for the last 3 months, my hubby and I have been able to actually enjoy sex with each other whenever we WANT, not just when its on the calendar!  Its been amazing.  And I thought it would continue that way, since we’ve decided to keep trying with the IUI approach.


I went in for my Day 12 ultrasound on Monday {the 17th}.  There were 3 follies on my RIGHT ovary {Hooray!} but they were a little small. Two 10’s and one 12.  Dr. L actually called them pitiful.  Thanks, Dr. L {I still love you}.  I talked to him about my weird cycles the last two months, with the light spotting for 2-3 days before I actually started any heavy duty bleeding, and he said from now on he wanted me to start counting Day 1 on my first day of heavy bleeding.  In light of this news, he said that I could actually only be on Day 10 rather than Day 12, so he wanted to see me back Wednesday for another ultrasound to see how my little follies were growing.

Cut to Wednesday {the 19th}  {Side Bar: This is one year to the day that we heard our baby’s heartbeat for the first time.  Four days later I miscarried. This week has been a rough one.}  I go in for another ultrasound.  At this point I’m on Day 14, or Day 12, depending on if you counted the first two days of spotting I had as cycle days. Oy.  My little follies grew 1mm.  Still pitiful.  Dr. L said he was expecting them to grow at least 2-3mm.  He said it was very possible that they would mature and I would still ovulate, but at that point he didn’t see enough to warrant spending the money on an IUI.  Plus, as it was looking, if I DID ovulate, it was looking to happen on the weekend and while he would come in to do it even though the office is closed, the lab that does the sperm washing is closed on the weekend {Since Dr. L is just my OBGYN and I’m not going to a fertility clinic *yet*, which would obviously be open 7 days a week, this is the luck of the draw}.

So you know what that means… me and the hubs get to have Sexy Time this weekend.  And lots of it.  Sigh.  There’s just something about having to do it that makes me not wanna do it.  I know you know what I mean.

On a brighter note, I haven’t been nearly as crazy or close to a mental breakdown the last few weeks.  I finally called Dr. L’s office and told them I was losing it, and he prescribed me a low dose of Zoloft.  I was pretty hesitant at first.  I’ve never taken anything like that before and I was afraid it would make me a zombie.  But so far its done the trick without compromising my personality, and I only have 3 refills so its only a temporary thing.  I did some research on it and its prescribed to a lot of women who have severe PMS symptoms {which….HELLO, hormones!}.  The girls at work have even mentioned that they’ve noticed a difference in me.

Ok. So back to the follies.  So that makes today either Day 16 or Day 14.  Depending on how you’re counting it.  I haven’t done any OPK’s or temp charting, partly because I didn’t think I’d need to and partly because they just make me crazy.  But I did notice I had a little CM today {gross, I know}.  So hopefully my little follies are growing and all the Sexy Time we’re about to have isn’t all for nothing!

Just curious… If you’ve done IUI or monitored by ultrasound, what size are your follies usually on day 12 or 14?  Just so I have something to compare to.  I’m really hoping maybe I just flubbed up my days and we’ll ovulate just fine.  But as usual, I’m not getting my hopes up.  I’ll know for sure next week if we ovulated when I go in for my bloodwork.

Until then, have a good weekend!  You know what I’ll be doing! {Ha!}


3 thoughts on “Sexy Time. Again.

  1. When I did my IUI’s at the fertility clinic, I always had to count the first day of heavy bleeding as day 1, that was very important. The light spotting does not count, so I’d say you are on day 12. As for size on day 12, it changed the longer I was on meds. The first round took 7 days of meds (meds started on day three). Second round took about 12 days and I think the third round took about 16? This caused me to have to be on Ganirelix for more days on the third cycle. Ganirelix will stop ovulation while you continue on meds to make your follicles grow. Maybe OB/GYN offices don’t use Ganirelix? I didn’t even know they did IUI’s.. so that’s completely new to me.
    Good luck and I hope your sexy time is enjoyable, regardless of the forced circumstances!

    • Aw, thank you for the info! This is really the first time I’ve gotten my cycle days screwed up… Before I started letrozole, I never had any light spotty days. AF just showed up in full force. So it confused me just a bit.

      I haven’t been on Ganirelix. Up until this cycle we haven’t had a problem with the follicles being too small though. And like you said, that may not be something that they use in the OB/GYN office. It is pretty uncommon for an OB to do IUI’s. My doc is the only one in the office that does them, none of the others do. There are two fertility clinics in our area, but they are both a little over 2 hours away, so right now its been more convenient for us to stick with Dr. L…he’s managed to get me pregnant twice already, if only they would stick! Regardless though, we know there’s only so much Dr. L can do for us, and he’s told us whenever we’re ready to move on to the specialist he will fix us up. If it hasn’t happened by the first of the year that’s probably where we’re heading.

      Anyhow, thanks again for all the info!

  2. Keep us posted on how the Zoloft is working for you. I’ve been really battling with whether I can deal with my feelings on my own or if I would benefit from some medication. I’m just afraid my husband and I will like myself better on the drugs!

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