What The Hell Is Going On In There?


Haven’t posted in a while, so here’s a little update.  I went in on Friday the 28th for my bloodwork.  Nurse D called me on Monday and said my progesterone level was 0.7.  0.7!  That doesn’t just mean I didn’t ovulate, that means Hell no I didn’t ovulate.  Geez.  We discussed it and decided that since my next cycle I should {in theory} ovulate on my left ovary anyway, it would be a good time to do another month of birth control to “quiet” everything down and help me respond to the Letrozole better on the following cycle.  So I am to call her if I start my period, which, if I didn’t ovulate I probably won’t, and if I haven’t started by CD35 I’m to test and then call her to get another script for my favorite med: Provera.  Nurse D said to just wait it out because the numbers don’t necessarily mean anything, especially in my case since my body always seems to do the exact opposite of what the numbers say.  And why shouldn’t this time be any different?

So Saturday {October 6th} rolls around and I wake up to AF giving me a big fat Good Morning!  Um, what?  I didn’t ovulate, so therefore AF shouldn’t be showing her snotty little face, right?  And if she is showing up, does that mean I actually did ovulate?  And if I did ovulate, WHY didn’t all that sexy time me and the hubs had work???  Basically what I want to know is…What the Hell is going on inside my body?!

I just called Nurse D and am anxiously awaiting her phone call back so I can tell her about AF’s little surprise visit.  The hubs and I have talked a little, and since Dr. L has mentioned IVF the last two times I’ve seen him, we will probably be going to an RE after the first of the year if we haven’t gotten pregnant by then.  This month marks 2 years that we’ve been trying.  It’s time.  The first of the year seems like as good a time as any.  That will allow us to get past the holiday season and have both of our vacation times start over at work.  Since the ony two fertility clinics close to us are both around 2 hours away, we’ll need the time to take off work.

In other news, its October, and October is my favorite month of the year.  So let’s be happy about that.  🙂

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