Yet ANOTHER Pregnancy Announcement

Really, Universe? REALLY???

Two weeks ago I posted about my cousin’s impromptu baby announcement on Thanksgiving.  Today, at my company Christmas party, I got another one.

It was shaping up to be a fantastic day.  Half a day in clinic, then down by the river for the party. Super cozy holiday atmospere.  Record player playing old Christmas tunes in the background. A traditional Christmas feast catered in, which turned out to be WAY better than the italian food we’d had for the last 3 years at these things.

So, we’re in the line for the food, served up all buffet style. I’m piling on some mashed potatoes when I hear one of the doctors I work for yell out, “Preggers is holding up the line!” Of course, my super sonic infertile radar goes up at the mention of the word ‘preggers’ and I’m glancing around like what the–

So yeah. THAT’S how I found out that yet ANOTHER girl that I work with is pregnant. AGAIN. I think I’ve mentioned before that I’ve had to suffer through 4 baby showers at work since we’ve been TTC. Well, this girl was one of them! When we started trying in October 2010, she announced shortly after that that she was pregnant with her second child. Yes, second. That means this one is her THIRD. THIRD! Um, selfish much?? I mean, the two girls that I’ve had to watch walk around the office being pregnant for the last nine months have both finally delivered. Now I’m in for another nine months of baby bumps being shoved in my face every day? Holy sweet baby Jesus.

I hate that this blog is basically one big long bitch fest one right after another, but REALLY?

I really hope I’m being set up for some HUGE payoff in the end. Because if not, eff you, Universe.


2 thoughts on “Yet ANOTHER Pregnancy Announcement

  1. Girl, I completely feel your pain on this one! I defintely don’t have to deal with so many ladies getting knocked up in my office (thank god, I don’t know that I could hold my tongue and would probably be fired by now), but even just handling the million announcements on facebook…or even on blogs of people I don’t know (ones that have been TTC and finally have success…ones I SHOULD be happy for but still have a hard time smiling about) is hard enough. It’s ok to feel how you are feeling…totally normal. Just flip them off behind doors anytime you can…always makes ME feel better! =) xoxo

    • Yes, yes, and yes! I feel like a horrible person sometimes, because my thoughts about pregnant people, ANY pregnant people are down right awful! I swear to all that is holy if I log onto facebook to another flippin’ pregnancy announcement I’m deactivating my account. I’m not sure how to get away from the fertile myrtles at work though, unless I can find a new job in an office of old ladies where no one is of child bearing age lol

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