Bulk OPK’s and HPT’s?

Ok, gals, where do you get your bulk OPK’s and HPT’s?  I need the best places/products/prices please!

Last year the surgery center that I work at got a new shipment of hpt’s in, so they gave me what they had left that would be expiring within the year, so that kept me in stock for quite a while.  But now that I’m starting this process up again with an RE this time, I need to stock up!

I’ve rarely used OPK’s in the past, but I’m thinking I may this time around.

Thanks in advance for the info!


5 thoughts on “Bulk OPK’s and HPT’s?

  1. I get mine from Amazon! If you’re going to get the cheap OPKs then invest in a box of the more expensive digital ones. It helps to confirm that you are surging when you can’t tell if the line is as dark or darker than the control.

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