Quick Update From a Bad Blogger

Yeah. I’ve been a bad blogger lately.  But here’s an update on things.

Beta test was negative.  I was ok with that. I’ve come to expect that.  So I was ok with it.  At least, I think I was.  The crazy lady crying in the kitchen floor over Hamburger Helper that night might beg to differ.

Currently on CD8.  Doing Letrozole 5mg CD5-9.  Follistim 100 units CD10-12.  Ultrasound on Monday (CD12) and we’ll go from there.

Dr. P raised or doubled the dosage on all my meds for this cycle.  So crazy lady might get a little crazier.  Apparently I put my sassy pants on this morning (or so I was told) so crazy lady might already be a little crazier.  Just ask the lady from CVS Caremark who tried to tell me this afternoon that my Follistim couldn’t be delivered until next Tuesday because they were just so busy.  Don’t think so, lady.

On another note, one of my patients today listed polycystic ovaries in her medical history.  She was also on Metformin.  It was none of my business but I asked her about it and told her I had the same thing.  She asked if I had any babies.  And when I said we were trying she said, “Me, too!” Then she asked how old I was.  I told her 29 and she told me she was 34.  That turned into a 45 minute conversation about infertility and TTC.  It’s weird the information you feel comfortable sharing with a complete stranger.  But in a way she wasn’t a stranger at all because she knew and understood and had been through what I had.  It’s so rare to find someone in real life that you can talk to about these things who for real understands.  I do (un)fortunately have people in my life who get it.  But even more in my life don’t.

Ok.  I’ll update late when there’s something to update on!


2 thoughts on “Quick Update From a Bad Blogger

  1. I stumbled upon your blog and I cannot get enough of it. I so badly want this to happen for you. I feel like I cant relate to ALMOST everything you have been through and I wish you much luck!**sending you some baby dust***

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