Change of Plans

CD30, 12dpo.

This cycle has been anything but normal for me.

On March 8th {CD16}, I was supposed to go back to the RE’s for my 2nd midcycle ultrasound. Hubby had taken off work to make the 2 hour drive with me that morning. At about 7:30 that morning I walked out to the driveway to put my purse and things in the car. As I did, I heard an ambulance siren coming up the highway in front of our house. A few seconds later they turned on our road, turning off the siren as they did. I walked out to the road and watched as the ambulance pulled into a driveway. A driveway that belongs to my husband’s Grandpa.

The entire time I was watching it I was hoping and praying it would turn into someone else’s house. How horrible is that?? I knew where it was going, I had that gut feeling.

My husband’s uncle stopped by Grandpa’s every morning for a cup of coffee. He found him that morning. It looked like it happened fast. He hadn’t struggled at all. Possibly a stroke or heart attack that took him fast. So I’m happy about that. But it was still hard to swallow. And although I would’ve cried anyway, the hormones didn’t help the situation.

Our weekend was filled with family time with my in-laws, a viewing, a graveside service, and a dinner afterwards at my house, since we live so close. Oh, and attempting to make a baby throughout all of that.

We obviously didn’t make it to my midcycle ultrasound. I figured this cycle would just be a bust and we would have to start over next month. But Hannah, my Cycle Coordinator, spoke with Dr. P and he ok’d me to trigger that night, even though we hadn’t looked at my follicles through ultrasound. At my first midcycle ultrasound on CD12 I had a few follicles on each ovary, but none were mature yet. Dr. P had raised my Follistim dosage from 75units to 100units this cycle, so he felt pretty confident that my body probably did what it was supposed to since I made a mature follicle on just 75units before. He was hoping that I would have more that one mature follicle this cycle. But there’s no way of knowing now.

So this is new. I triggered on CD16, and we BD’d days 16, 17, 18, and 19, just for good measure. My OPK’s pretty much screamed that yes, I ovulated on either CD17 or 18. But I have no idea how many mature follicles were released or if they were even on the right ovary or not. We are completely blind this cycle.

I’m not gonna lie, I’ve already tested a few times. And I’ve gotten some questionable results. So I’m saying they’ve all been BFN thus far. Beta is on Monday, so we’ll find out soon enough.

On a related note, has anyone had any experience with evaporation lines on the Wondfo tests from Amazon? The ones with the pink handles. These tests have convinced me I’m going crazy, so please share your experience with these!