Still A Bad Blogger…

I’ve been horrible at updating lately. To be fair, there’s not too much to update on.

Beta was a BFN, which I expected since I compulsively tested the entire weekend before.  I’m back on CD10 today, this will be my 3rd day of Follistim, and I go to the RE on Monday, CD12, for my midcycle ultrasound.  We are hoping to do IUI this cycle, as long as everything looks good and I am ovulating on the right ovary.  If everything goes along like my last two cycles, I’m anticipating the IUI to happen on either Friday or Saturday.  But that’s going to be a wait and see what happens deal.

I have been in a horrible mood this last week or so.  Cranky. Bitchy, even. So irritable it hurts at times. And EXHAUSTED, oh my gosh, soooo exhausted.  I got home from work yesterday, fed the dog, cooked supper, and laid down on the couch (my BRAND NEW couch, might I add, because we got new furniture last weekend! Yay!) at around 8:45pm.  I fell asleep. Hubby left me there and went to bed. He woke me up at 4am when he got up for work. I got off the couch and crawled into our bed. I did not get back out of bed until 10am. I just can’t believe I slept for 13 hours, almost 14.  But I’ve been so friggin’ tired this week!! I’m blaming it on the meds.  I blame everything on the meds these days it seems.

I haven’t been the nicest person to my husband these last two or three days (which might be the reason he left me on the couch last night…HA!), and considering, he’s dealt with it well.  I know I haven’t been the easiest person to live with the last 2 years, and he’s made it look easy somehow.  I really do love him for that.  I know that a lot of relationships and marriages would not have survived what we have been faced with.  I know a lot of marriages who didn’t survive and weren’t faced with anything like this.  So I have to give my hubby props.  I love him for loving me through all this.

Ok. I’ll try to be less horrible at updating this week.  Right now I have a book with my name on it that I’ve been too tired to read all week! I’m finishing it TODAY. 🙂

Happy Saturday!


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