Beta, Part 2

So yesterday I had my second beta done.  Just a reminder that 6 days earlier my first beta was 118.  Yesterday it was 1836! Pretty happy with that number.  Grow, baby, grow!

This whole thing is pretty surreal.  Some days I’m not sure its really happening to me.  It always just seemed like this far off fantasy that I would never attain.  I’m still pretty obnoxiously paranoid.  My Hubby called me “Preggers” today {after buying me a ‘just because you’re pregnant with my baby’ gift (it was Silver Linings Playbook on Blu Ray)} and I nearly choked him, thinking he was going to jinx it or something.  Crazy, I know.  But I’m pretty familiar with Crazytown, anyway.

As far as feeling pregnant, I definitely do.  I’m exhausted. ALL. THE. TIME.  My job tends to wear me out anyway, but this past week I’ve hit the couch as soon as I get home.  I slept the weekend away.  I can’t get enough sleep.  And at night I’m more restless than I’ve ever been.  Normally I sleep like a rock.  Pretty much every single night for the past week I’m up at exactly 2am to use the bathroom.  Every night!

Still having some mild to moderate cramping at times.  It worries me when it happens, even though I know its normal and just my uterus expanding blah blah blah.  So then it worries me when it doesn’t happen for a while.  Go figure.

I haven’t experienced any real nausea.  Yet.  But there are times when I don’t have an appetite at all.  And absolutely NO food whatsoever is appealing.  I do notice I get a little queasy if I go a long time without eating.  Which is hard at those times when my appetite is non-existent.

Lightheadedness is here to stay for now.  It comes and goes throughout the day, and hasn’t been so extreme that I can’t function.  Just makes me feel a little silly at times.

And we can’t forget the swollen and sore boobies!  Yowza!  Poor hubby is so sad because I won’t let him anywhere near them anymore! 😉

We have our first ultrasound with the RE on May 13th.  We should be around-about 6 to 7 weeks along by then.  We’ll be looking to make sure everything is where it should be {baby, sac, etc.} and will be looking to see the heartbeat, though it may be a little too early to hear it.  Until then its just one day at a time.  Today I’m pregnant, tomorrow I hope I still am.


9 thoughts on “Beta, Part 2

  1. Love this post. I feel like it was just yesterday I was posting things like this! The exhaustion was so overwhelming. I had no idea how bad it would be SO EARLY! The cramping is also crazy/strange/normal. It goes away after a few weeks!
    Be very careful when getting up in the middle of the night to pee with that lightheadedness. I walked into the door frame more than a few times because I got up too fast and was too lightheaded to walk in a straight line. Sit up for a few seconds before standing up. It will save you from bruises and funny looks from your husband. 😉

    • Ha! Thanks for the tips!! Its so crazy, I’m like you, I had no idea I would feel this way SO early! I’m trying to take it as a good sign that I am though 🙂

      Exhaustion is the worst, but I do so look forward to the naps! 😉

  2. Oh man, I don’t even want my husband to even LOOK at my boobs because they’re so sore! I hate that! The cramping I’ve had is definitely getting less and less too, which is good because it was freaking me out for a while! Good luck at your appointment. L)

  3. I’m 13w1d and the exhaustion has not let up. If anything, it’s gotten worse! One day at a time, friend! Being pregnant is scary shit especially in the early weeks.

    • That’s an understatement! I’m absolutely terrified every second of every day! I will never understand these people who make a freakin’ facebook announcement before the stick is even dry…

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