That’s what the ultrasound said on Monday when we went to the RE’s office for our first scan.  I was incredibly nervous and terrified about what we might find at this visit.  Fortunately, all we saw was a beautiful little blob measuring 6w4d with a thump-thump-thumping heartbeat of 120bpm. {Side note: This number worried me a little, I felt it might be a little low. But Dr. P said everything looked good to him, so I’m forcing negative thoughts away and believing in the power of positive thinking…at least I’m trying!}

Here’s one of the first photos of our little nugget:


Beautiful, isn’t it? 🙂

That puts me at 7 weeks exactly today.  Dr. P wants to see us back next week for another scan to make sure everything is coming along.  So far, the lovenox is doing what it’s supposed to.  Our appointment is on Wednesday, which will put us at 7w6d.  I’m anxious to get through next week.  8w1d is the hurdle I need to get past.  I know I’ll still have a long way to go after that, but it’s like this looming hill that is taking me forever to get to the top of.  It falls on next Friday.  Which is weird, because last time it was also on a Friday.  That dreadful, horrible Friday.  I just need to fast forward.  In the meantime, I’m gonna try not to dwell on the fact that I can’t move time, nor can I change the future, whatever may happen in it.

In other news, morning sickness is now in FULL SWING!  It hit on Sunday and it hit hard.  And it’s all day everyday.  Our two hour car ride to the RE’s office on Monday was HORRIBLE.  Hubby had to pull over a few times.  I’m not throwing up at all, but the nausea stops me dead in my tracks.  Between that and being so extremely exhausted I literally feel like I have the flu.  Dr. P was thrilled to hear that I felt like crap, though! 😉  That’s a good sign, so I am happy to have it, nausea and all.

The morning sickness has made it difficult at work.  Like I’ve said before, I have a pretty physical job.  And our clinic is very busy and fast paced.  And its been hard to keep up the way I’m used to.  My body just can’t go at the rate that I’m used to going.  And its hard to hide from all my coworkers how terrible I’m actually feeling. I’m really not ready to go public yet, but at this rate it may be best for me {and nugget!} to make an announcement soon.  At work at least.  Plus, my supervisor informed me this week that she was going to have to let the doctors and other managers know pretty soon whether I tell everyone else or not.  The more people that find out, the more likely it is to leak.  And I’d rather tell people my own way.  I’m still not touching facebook with a ten foot pole.

As far as family goes, Hubby wanted to tell our parents after our ultrasound appointment Monday.  I’m still skiddish about it.  But he really really wanted to tell someone.  He argued that I got to tell my friend, M, and my boss at work {which I argued didn’t count} and he hadn’t got to tell anyone yet.  I felt bad.  He’s so excited.  And I know he’s scared to, but its too cute how anxious he is to brag about our little secret.  So I gave in and said we could tell our parents.  We still aren’t telling the rest of our families, though.  And so far, we’ve only told his mom and dad.  We’ll probably get around to telling my parents this weekend.

I guess that’s all for now!  I’ll try to be better at updating more, but between the nausea and exhaustion I can’t make any promises 😉

8 thoughts on “6w4d

  1. What a beautiful and long overdue pic! I’m glad you are telling your parents, and Friday will be here before you know it without incident. In the meantime and always thereafter, the prayers are flowing. Love you.

  2. That is just the most beautiful photo ever! I am SO happy for you, you have no idea! Love it, enjoy it, take it all in. That is one beautiful baby that will hopefully grow into a gorgeous (huge) nugget! Ps- love that nickname, because that’s what my father cas my little squirt. Nugget ❤

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