Baby Nugget – 8 Weeks

Time to update I guess!  Hubby and I traveled the 2 hours to the RE yesterday for my second ultrasound.  I was feeling a little skiddish about it because I had a tiny scare the night before.  {TMI Time!!!}  I had a weird mucus-y discharge thing happening, and for a moment it felt like I might have been bleeding.  You know the feeling.  When I went to the bathroom it was just clearish mucus type stuff, but it still scared me because I was sure it was leading the way for something else.  Luckily, Dr. P assured me it was perfectly normal and due to my increased hormones and to expect more of it throughout the pregnancy.  As long as its normal, I’m ok with that!  Baby Nugget was looking good on the ultrasound, nearly doubling in size since last week when we saw it.  We should have been measuring 7w6d, but only measured 7w4d.  Dr. P again was not concerned.  He said at this early stage with measuring, the tiniest bit off could result in a days difference, and you have to take things into consideration like the angle and view and basic human error.  So he’s not worried, so I’m not worried.  Heartbeat was thumping along at 166bpm and so far everything is looking good!  We go back on June 3rd for another ultrasound and it can’t get here soon enough!  Ok, let’s get on with my week 8 update!

Baby is the size of a raspberry!  Now he weighs in (yay!) at about .04 ounces and measures about .63 inches.  This week, he’s growing about a millimeter each day.  You can’t feel it yet, but by eight weeks, your baby is moving those arms and legs like crazy!  Here’s a fun fact:  His taste buds are now forming.

How far along?  8 weeks

Total weight gain:  -2 lbs  {I’m not trying to lose weight at all right now…I’m chalking this up to morning sickness and loss of appetite!}

Maternity clothes? Nope.  Although I’m glad I wear scrubs everyday.  Yoga pants are my favorite things to wear at home!

Stretch marks?  No new ones. Ha!

Sleep:  Can’t get enough of it!

Best moment this week:  Getting to see Baby Nugget on the ultrasound again and hear that sweet heartbeat!  And also, I passed my certification exam Tuesday, with morning sickness and all!

Miss Anything?  I miss not feeling so bad all the time.  Although I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world right now.

Movement:  Not for a long while I imagine.

Food cravings:  This is going to be disgusting, but McDonald’s cheeseburgers.  I hate McDonald’s.  But we were in a hurry the other day and I needed to eat something, and I swear it was the most delicious cheeseburger I had ever eaten.  This disturbs me.

Anything making you queasy or sick:  They are redoing the floors at work {pulling up carpet and laying down hardwood floor lamanent} and the smell of the glue made me incredibly sick Monday.  I threw up for the first time with this pregnancy at work that day.  Three times.

Gender prediction: No strong feelings one way or the other. As long as its healthy, I’m happy!

Labor Signs:  No, thank you.

Symptoms:  Fatigue, sore boobs, morning sickness/afternoon sickness/evening sickness….basically ALL DAY SICKNESS, bloat, occasional lightheadedness, and most things smell TERRIBLE.  That weird mucus-y discharge is new.  And I think I might be having some round ligament pain already, although I think its a little early for that.  But the pain goes down into my groin area on my right side, right in the crease of my upper thigh.  I don’t know what else it could be.

Belly Button in or out?  In.  I have a pretty chunky belly, so I imagine it’ll stay.

Wedding rings on or off?  Off, but not because they don’t fit.  I don’t wear them to work because of wearing gloves and washing my hands all day and taking them off and on all the time.  It’s just easier to keep them at home so they don’t get lost.  So, on, but on the weekends. :)

Happy or Moody most of the time:  I am happy, mostly.  I get cranky and moody at work because I’m tired and don’t feel good.

Looking forward to:  Our next ultrasound on the 3rd!  And a long 3 day weekend!

Ok, here’s a couple more old wives’ tale gender predictions… First, we’re looking to the Mayans for help!

Mayan Gender Prediction — The Mayans also had a method of determining gender.  According to them, if the mother’s age at conception and the year of conception are both even or odd, then the baby will be a girl.  If they are opposites, then the baby is a boy.  My age at conception was 29 and the year was 2013, so the Mayans say that Baby Nugget is a little GIRL! Maybe the Mayans are better at predicting gender than predicting the end of the world?

Next up….has your skin been dry??
Pass the LotionIf a pregnant woman’s hands are dry, then she is carrying a boy.  My hands have been INCREDIBLY dry!!! So dry that I’ve got patches of raw skin on a couple of my knuckles from scratching so much.  I’ve never had this much dry skin in my life.  Old Wives say Baby Nugget is a BOY!
So far, this is what the Old Wives have tallied up:
2 votes GIRL
1 vote BOY

4 thoughts on “Baby Nugget – 8 Weeks

  1. I just did a list of old wives tales. Right now it’s at 5 for girl and 7 for boy, so not terribly one-sided there. I know most of them are bunk but it’s so fun to look at them and wonder since we won’t have our ultrasound/gender scan for another month or so.

  2. Ha! Not too early for RL pain. Your uterus has already almost doubled from its original size, and your doc is right….. There will be more of that lovely discharge is months ahead. Fun times 🙂 I had the amazing experience of having to wear thin liners with my twin angels before my water broke. They would have fights and kick my bladder in the process causing ‘dribbling!’ Talk about embarrassing! I was WAY too young for incontinence. Haha.

    • Ha!! I’ve been afraid of having some dribble already! I have to go pee SO often, and my with my job it’s difficult to get away when I need too! I’ll take any and all side effects and symptoms though, no matter how crazy or embarrassing they may be 🙂

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