Clever Announcement Ideas?

Ok momma’s and someday momma’s… I need some help!  Especially from you clever gals out there!

Next week is July 4th, and we plan to announce our pregnancy to the rest of the family at dinner that day.   While I’m still anxious about telling people, I want it to be somewhat special and memorable and not just, “Hey, we’re pregnant.”

So here’s where you come in…. I need some good, unique, and fun announcement ideas!  I’d like to incorporate the 4th of July somehow.  I’ve already heard the picture idea a million times {you know, get everyone together for a pic, then instead of saying, “Say cheese!” You say, “Say K is pregnant!” and capture everyone’s reaction.}  It’s not out of the running, but I’d like some more ideas to choose from.

I found a t-shirt online that says This Little Firecracker is Due in July which I thought was cute, and would be funny to see how long anyone paid attention to my t-shirt.  Obviously I’m not due in July, but after scouring the interwebs, there are no t-shirts that say that a little firecracker is due in January.  So that one I would have to make.  {Although I did find a tee on café press that just says Little Firecracker on it… all I would have to add is some iron on letters underneath that says Due in January.}

I’m open to food ideas, as long as its something unique and not just a cake with pink and blue food coloring.

I’m actually open to any and all ideas, so send them my way!  I know it sounds like I’m being picky, but I just want it to be memorable and perfect! 🙂



5 thoughts on “Clever Announcement Ideas?

  1. My recommendation is going to Pinterest and doing a search for announcement ideas. There are tons of good ones there!

  2. I actually like the picture idea!
    Especially because like you said, you can really capture the moment 😀
    Maybe leave some subtle hints like a bun in the oven?
    Wish I had some more creative ideas for you, but I’m sure you will find some!

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