Painting the Nursery

Ok.  As usual I’m behind on my updates.  I’ll probably combine my 18 week and 19 week updates sometime this week.  Right now I’m simply too lazy to mess with it.  😉

So this weekend was a big step for me.  BIG.  Since we found out we’re having a boy, I’m been scouring pinterest for nursery ideas and whatnot.  I came up with something pretty quickly that I loved.  I showed it to hubby and he approved.  So this weekend he asks me if that was for sure what I wanted.  I told him yeah, as long as he liked it.  So he suggested we go to Lowe’s Saturday and buy paint.

Of course I was like, wait just a minute!  Are you crazy!?  We can’t just waltz up into Lowe’s and buy paint like it’s no big deal.  What are you thinking, hubby?!  Well, hubby is thinking that we are halfway through this pregnancy and he’s ready to paint a nursery.  My superstitious thoughts are of no importance to him anymore.  I actually suggested we wait until our next ultrasound, just to be sure.  And he argued that I’m always going to wait until the next time.  Which was probably true.

So with that, we went to Lowe’s and bought some paint.

Hubby got started immediately on the room.  My husband is a strange man.  While he takes his time and doesn’t get in a hurry for most things, he’s also very impulsive.  And when he wants something or wants to do something, it has to happen NOW.  And he got it in his head that the nursery needed painting this weekend, and bless his heart he painted it all by himself in a day.

So below are my “inspiration” pictures from pinterest…



I absolutely love the blues and greens together.  LOVE it!  And the way the white crib and furniture pop against the blue wall had me sold.  Hubby liked it, too, so it was a pretty easy decision.  We already have hardwood floors and it looks really nice so far with the blue color we picked out.  So now, that empty room with plain white walls that I’ve been walking past for 2 1/2 years has a little bit of color.  And hopefully soon some curtains and furniture!

My mom and aunt are having a hard time wrapping their heads around the idea that I’m not doing some sort of “theme” nursery that revolves around a cartoon character or animal or something.  That’s all fine and dandy and if its your cup of tea, I’m sure it’ll turn out great!  But its just not the style I’m going for.  I want something that will transition easily from a baby room into a little boys room, and I’m pretty happy with the direction we’re going so far. 🙂  (I will post pictures of the finished product…right now its just an empty room with blue walls.)

It’s been a little liberating to let my guard down and “plan” without any worry.  The nursery was painted Sunday, and I had my checkup with the OB today and baby’s heart was beating away a mile a minute.  Apparently he doesn’t care that I painted the nursery.  The sky didn’t fall.  Everything is still “perfect” according to Dr. L.  So that’s that.

In other exciting news, I felt my little guy moving around this weekend!  I’ve been feeling little flutters here and there, but they are so subtle its hard to tell if its baby or gas lol.  But this weekend he was rolling around like no one’s business, and I could tell it was definitely baby movement!  Pretty dang exciting! 😀

Alright, I’ll try to be back this week with my updates!


11 thoughts on “Painting the Nursery

  1. I’m not big on themes either, though some are cute. I love your color choices– that’s so exciting that you’re working on the nursery! I’m glad your husband is less superstitious than you. Mine is like that too & it makes everything a little more tolerable (since I’m a crazy superstitious worrier). Yay for baby movements!!!

  2. We didn’t go for a real “theme” either except that I am going to put a decal of a tree on the wall and go for some slightly woodsy/forest things. I was originally going to have a friend come in and paint something nice on the wall, but we’re planning on moving out of this house in the next 2-3 years which means we’d have to paint over it anyway. So we just went with a nice sky blue/gray on one wall to be paired with the yellow letters I have for her name since I detest the whole “pink = girl” thing. This way it will still be slightly neutral and we won’t have to paint over it when we move!

    • I completely agree about the pink = girl thing!! I wouldn’t have done pink either if I was having a girl. And even though I picked blue as one of my colors, it wasn’t just because blue = boy, it was the colors together that I liked so I’m hoping I escaped the color stereotype lol!

      I love the colors you picked out! And I’ve had my eye on the tree thing for a long time now, I love that idea! Can’t wait to see pictures of yours when its done!

      • I think your colors are gorgeous! I think it should matter more what you like because you’re going to be spending so much time in there and let’s face it, the baby is pretty impartial!

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