First Unscheduled Dr’s Visit, The Asian Persuasion, & Bump Pic

So earlier this week I had my first unscheduled Dr’s visit during this whole pregnancy. At 29 weeks I think that’s pretty good, considering all the problems I had prior to getting pregnant.  I’ve made a conscious effort of NOT being that crazy paranoid pregnant lady who calls in about every little twinge, even if I really wanted to.

So for the last couple weeks I haven’t been feeling well.  By that, I mean while at work I’ve been getting very light headed, dizzy, hot, and just basically feeling like I need to sit down or I’m going to pass out. I figured, hell, I’m in my 3rd trimester, I’m sure this is just part of it.  My job is pretty physical – I’m on my feet all day.  I do get to sit for a minute or two while taking a medical history during exams, but for the most part I’m standing, walking, or power walking even. My office is very busy.  We see around 130 patients a day.  So from 8 until noon, it’s nonstop busy, and then from 1 until 5 it’s nonstop busy again.  My lunch hour is the only time I really have time to sit and rest.  The dizziness has been lasting ALL day at work, and it was starting to make it really hard to function while doing my job.  Just standing was becoming a problem because my heart would race, I’d get really hot, and I’d have to sit down for fear of hitting the floor.

Some of the girls I work with asked if my blood pressure had been high.  It was elevated at my last doctor’s appointment (it was 157/96) but they weren’t too concerned because that was the day I did my glucose test and the nurse said sometimes the sugary drink can affect your blood pressure.  Plus, my blood pressure has been normal up until then. I haven’t even monitored it at home because there was no need for it.  But since I hadn’t been feeling that great, I let the nurses at work check it for me.

It was a little elevated but nothing dangerously high.  Last week I had them check it almost every day I worked that I was feeling bad.  It was hanging out around 140/86, give or take a couple numbers. A little high but nothing crazy.  Over the weekend I wasn’t feeling well at home either.  Just doing light housework, like wiping down the counters or loading the dishwasher, made me stop in my tracks and sit down.  Taking a shower has this effect on me as well.  Monday rolled around and I wasn’t feeling well all morning.  So I had the nurses at work check my blood pressure again.  It was 153/94.  I know they don’t like for your bottom number to get above 90, so I didn’t like that number.  After a lot of persuading (I have my routine checkup this coming Tuesday and I was content just waiting until then to bring it up, but the girls at work convinced me not to wait) I finally called my doctors office.

Diane, Dr. L’s nurse, called me back quickly and asked what had been going on.  She seemed a little concerned and scolded me some for not calling her sooner.  She felt like I should be checked out that day, “just in case”, but Dr. L was out of the office all last week.  So I had to see one of the other doctors in the clinic.  I wasn’t too crazy about that, because I’m partial to Dr. L (he knows me, he knows my history, and he wouldn’t make me feel like I was overreacting even if I was), but I didn’t have a choice.  So that afternoon I was worked in to see Dr. W.

I was not impressed with Dr. W.  He is the “young” doctor in the practice and most of the women I know who use this clinic think he’s super hot.  I suppose he is good looking, but that did nothing for me after I met him.  First of all, when he walked into the exam room he didn’t even introduce himself.  He didn’t shake my hand, didn’t ask how I was, nothing.  He walked in, sat on his stool, and said, “So what’s going on?”  From that point on, I didn’t like him and there was no going back.

After I explained what was going on, he basically went on to tell me, in not so many words, that I was pregnant and this was part of it.  He then went on to give me an anatomy lesson about how the farther along you get, the bigger your uterus gets (wait…WHAT?! That is BRAND NEW information! I never would have thought!!!) and it sits on the vena cava, which can interrupt blood flow to your brain, causing occasional dizzy spells.  He also said that’s why I shouldn’t lay on my back or sit in one position for a long period of time, neither of which I do while at work, which is when these dizzy “spells” are happening ALL day, not just “occasionally”.  After explaining that I work in a busy office and am on my feet all day, and that the dizziness is lasting pretty much all day and not just happening in spells, he dismissed the information like it wasn’t important at all, telling me that he didn’t think my blood pressure had anything to do with it all (although it was still 152/90 when I got to the dr’s office, and that was AFTER an hour lunch break and sitting in the waiting room for half an hour) and that I just need to take more breaks and lie down on my left side if I feel dizzy until it gets better. He then instructed me to follow up with Dr. L on it at my normal appointment next week.

So basically, it was a HUGE waste of time.  The good news is there was no protein in my urine.  But I have a hard time believing that my blood pressure has absolutely nothing to do with the way I’ve been feeling.  And I have no idea how I’m supposed to just lie on my left side until the dizziness goes away if the dizziness is lasting ALL DAY LONG.  I don’t think my job is going to be willing to pay me to lie down all day.  I ran into Diane on my way out of the appointment and she asked what Dr. W said.  When I told her she gave me a look, but then told me if I needed a note to take to work to allow me to take breaks (because like I said, I only get a break at lunch), then she would get me one.  I told her I would probably take it, even though I’m not sure how much good it will do at my job.

The whole experience just put a bad taste in my mouth and I just wish I had waited until my routine appointment with Dr. L.  This other doc tried to make me feel like an idiot and I’m pretty sure he thought that I was trying to find something wrong.  Dr. L would never make me feel like that.  After everything I’ve been through, even if it was NOTHING, he would tell me I have every right to be concerned because, as he’s said before, “If it’s going to happen to anyone, it’s gonna be you, kiddo.”  (When he said that it wasn’t in a bad way, just in response to the fact that I’ve had SO MUCH working against me all this time).

It took all I had not to yell at this doc that I absolutely did NOT want there to be anything wrong, in fact, that is the LAST thing I want!  I’ve been so lucky in this pregnancy.  Everything has been great.  No complications of any kind.  Just a normal, boring, healthy pregnancy.  Who would have thought?! And I am so incredibly grateful!  When you’ve been through all I have and you are constantly expecting the worst, it’s so nice to have things go your way for a change.  If this doc would’ve taken two seconds to read my chart he might have known that instead of treating me like some paranoid first timer looking for attention.


Ok, end rant.

To end on a good note, I’m going to post my first ever bump picture.  I haven’t posted any because I don’t feel like I have a real bump yet.  I was a pretty good sized gal to start out with, and I naturally carry most of my weight in my stomach anyway, so it’s taken a while for me to look pregnant. And even now, I don’t look as pregnant as other people I see at 29 weeks.  My scrubs still cover my bump pretty well at work, so I don’t get a lot of prying questions from people who don’t already know I’m pregnant, which I’m actually grateful for.  Some people look and I can tell they may be afraid to ask, haha.  They are usually the ones that ask if I have any children, to which I reply, “I’m expecting my little boy in January” and it goes from there.  BUT, these last couple weeks I’ve had 3 people as me if I’m pregnant or when I’m due.  And they have ALL been Asian ladies!

The first was last weekend when I went to get a pedicure.  I guess maybe my bump was showing a little more in the sundress and cardigan I was wearing that day, who knows.  But as soon as the lady told me to sit down, she said, “You having baby??” and gestured to my belly.  I nodded and we talked a little bit about how far along and when I was due.  Once she found out I was pregnant she gave me THE WORKS…hot stone massage, paraffin wax on my feet, and I’m pretty sure she massaged my legs much longer than they usually do.  Pregnancy for the win!

Then, after my appointment Monday with Dr. Douchebag, I was getting on the elevator to leave and a nice Asian lady was on there with me.  She looked right at my stomach and asked, “When will the baby be here?” I was wearing scrubs, which, like I said, camouflage the baby quite a bit, so I was surprised.  Sure, I was coming from the OB’s office, but plenty of women are there just for yearly’s and the like.

Finally, I had a nice Asian lady as a patient the other day ask me if I was pregnant.  Again, at work and in my scrubs.

So, who knows, maybe I am finally starting to look pregnant.  Or maybe Asian women have some sort of crazy intuition and that’s why they are the only ones who confidently ask me about my baby bump.

So here’s my first bump pic.  It’s not a very good one, and I’m just in my yoga pants and a tee-shirt.  And it was actually taken at 26 weeks, so I’m a bit bigger now.  I’ll post another as soon as I can motivate myself into some clothes that aren’t scrubs or pajamas. 😉

26 Weeks

26 Weeks


8 thoughts on “First Unscheduled Dr’s Visit, The Asian Persuasion, & Bump Pic

  1. That BP is nothing to play with! It probably is causing a lot of your problems and can lead to even worse things if not treated. I’ve had high BP my whole pregnancy and thankfully my OB has taken a proactive approach to it. Dr. Douchebag sounds awful! I hope you can get this all worked out with your usual doctor soon!

    • Thanks! I felt the same way about the bp. Even if all is good I shouldn’t be made to feel crazy for being cautious about it, right?!

      Saw my regular doc today and he made me feel much better. He doesn’t think it’s a problem right now since it hasn’t been consistently high (and has actually been a lot better this week) BUT we are monitoring just in case. So this momma feels much better 🙂

  2. Ugh Dr Douchebag sounds like a real tool. Hopefully you can get some peace of mind when you see your regular doctor next, and I would mention what happened to him too because that’s just crappy bedside manner. Pregnancy is sometimes a scary time when you’re not sure exactly what’s going on in there, but not like Dr Douchebag would know that. All he knows is what he’s read in textbooks. Sorry you had such a bad time and I hope you feel better!

  3. OmgOSHHH I hate it when they tell you it just pregnancy progressing or that’s normal for pregnancy. Its getting to the point where I say nothing at the doctors apt and rely on Google or friends. I too have had similar feelings if dizzy weakness and needing to sit down. Usually for me I eat something (carbish) and it helps. But I also try and sit down when I feel that way, if I can. Once I felt so bad I tried the laying down thing. the only thing with laying down, (for me is was in surg prep room floor) Is that everyone looks at you and then they worry and it becomes an event. I tried to sneak mine at the end of my lunch break. It did help but I kind of got caught and go the are you ok and strange looks. My BP goes up now and again nothing too high but I am used to it because I have white coat issues when I go to the OB offices, I am always waiting for bad news. How did your glucose test go?

    • Just seeing this somehow! My glucose test was perfect! Thank goodness! And my BP has been doing better, although the dizziness still comes and goes. I think that’s just from being on my feet so much during the day, something I’m trying to learn to deal with.

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