36 Weeks & Bedrest.

Yep.  I am officially on modified bed rest for the remainder of my pregnancy.  I was NOT expecting this at all.

I went in for my check up yesterday afternoon, expecting things to be uneventful, as usual.  After all, I’ve had a pretty typical and “normal” pregnancy thus far.  The nurse checked my blood pressure and asked if it had been high.  I told her I hadn’t been checking it but that I hadn’t felt bad or anything.  It was 164/98, which was enough to cause concern.  On top of that, I had a “little” protein in my urine as well.

Dr. L came in and swabbed me for the Strep B test, then did my first cervical check…not fun!  It didn’t hurt but it certainly wasn’t comfortable.  I am not dilated yet, but he said he could feel the baby’s head already down against my cervix, so he’s ready to go.  Baby’s heartbeat sounded good, no concerns at this point as far as baby goes.  After I got dressed Dr. L wanted me to sit a little while and then have my blood pressure checked again.  The second time it was still 162/98.  So then Dr. L said, “Well, you’re off work!”

I just started my half days at work this week!  I was so excited to be getting off at lunchtime and still have most of the day to come home and catch up on things like finishing the nursery and packing my hospital bag before I get too tired in the evenings to do so.  Now I’m stranded on the couch or recliner and can’t even go shop for the things that I do still need.  I hate to whine about being ordered to be lazy, and of course I’m going to do what I’m supposed to to protect my baby, but this momma doesn’t have time for that!

On top of that, we had planned for my paychecks to be cut in half these last few weeks…we had not planned for me to NOT have a paycheck at all the last few weeks.  I get my last full check tomorrow and that’s it until I go back from maternity leave.  We are officially a one income family for at least the next 3 months.  And while my husband has a good job and makes decent money, we’ve never had to rely on just his income before.  It’s going to be an adjustment for sure.  Especially with a new addition to the equation in a few weeks.

Anyway… Dr. L put me on a blood pressure medication three times a day, ordered me to “mostly rest” but encouraged me to not lay down all day every day due the risk of blood clots and whatnot, and wants to see my back on Friday morning to check everything out again and go from there.  Hopefully the medication coupled with the “rest” will bring my blood pressure down enough to keep this baby cooking another 2 to 3 more weeks.  Dr. L’s goal is to make it to 38 or 39 weeks before we deliver.  If my blood pressure stays up, plans may change.  Right now we are hoping for the best.  I’m ready to meet this little guy, but I want him to be ready and healthy as well.

This new and unexpected development has brought back a lot of paranoia and fears that I had previously let go of.  Dr. L gave me a list of symptoms to watch out for and to come in immediately if I have any.  He also mentioned that as long as I’m having good fetal movement baby is most likely doing fine.  So now I’m obsessed with how much the baby moves.  And I’m constantly poking and prodding him if I haven’t felt him “enough”.  I’m sure he hates it!  I never worried before this.  Some things online say you should feel at least 6 “kicks” an hour.  I’ve never kept up with how much he moves an hour.  Most of the time during the day I don’t even feel him, mainly because I’m on my feet and moving all day at work and I’m pretty sure he usually sleeps at that time (from the movement, maybe?).   I’m sure everything is fine, but now I panic pretty easily if I haven’t felt him in a while.  And it’s also “normal” for his movement to slow down at this point, so that doesn’t help either.  Come on kid, just give me a foot in the rib every half hour or so and I’ll be fine! 😉

I also had a little bit of spotting last night.  This is the first time this entire pregnancy that I have wiped and seen blood.  It sent me into a panic as well.  In the beginning I looked for blood every time I went to the bathroom.  But I fell out of that habit.  Last night was a complete surprise, even though it shouldn’t have been since I had my first cervical check.  I called my friend from work, who’s mom was Dr. L’s nurse until she retired a few months ago (I miss her!) and asked if she could call her mom and ask her about the spotting for me.  Her mom said it was perfectly normal after a cervical check, especially if he had to get a little “rough”, which I’d say he did.  So I didn’t panic last night, and the spotting was pretty much gone by this morning.  I did call the office today just to check in about it, and the nurse there told me the same thing.  I just wish they would have warned me about the possibility of spotting!  I’m sure he was more concerned about the blood pressure and protein in my urine though, so I’m going to let it slide.

So, there we have it.  I have so much to do and am really almost unable to do most of it!  I have no idea if I’m going to make it past Christmas or not.  I don’t have a bag packed.  We don’t even have a car seat yet!  Calling my mom today about that because she is supposed to be getting that for us.  I hate not having a timeline to rely on.  I’m just hoping everything is good on Friday and we don’t have hurry things up too much.  The weather is supposed to be bad here on Friday.  Sleet, ice, snow.  So I may have to possibly wait until Monday to even get checked, depending on how bad the roads get.  Dr. L said that if the weather is bad and I’m feeling ok (i.e. not having any of the symptoms we talked about) then not to come and reschedule.   So we’ll see how that goes.

I guess for now I’m just going to lay around the house and watch TV.  Maybe read a book.  Or two.


9 thoughts on “36 Weeks & Bedrest.

  1. Oh, I’m so sorry! I’m glad baby seems to be doing fine, but this is not fun! We are already stressed about my unpaid maternity leave, so I’m hoping to make it as long as possible. Perhaps some really good Christmas movies might help this week? Hugs!

    • Thanks! I’m trying not to stress over the things that I can’t control. TV and movies are my best friend right now…and FOOD! LOL I’m gonna be huge before the next couple of weeks are through haha

  2. Ah man. Glad that everyone still seems to be healthy and hopefully this is just your doctor’s way of playing it safe and making sure everyone continues to be healthy. I totally understand what you mean about not being ready. I didn’t even have my baby book the day my water broke and we were only 2 weeks from the due date. It does stress you out though. I was really hoping to have some time to do that whole nesting thing! Here’s hoping you can get some stuff done during this time and the baby keeps cooking till that timer goes off. Hang in there!

    • It does put a kink in my plans! Right now I’m going to just try to get my hospital bag together and worry about the other stuff later. He won’t care that the nursery isn’t done. And we have pretty much everything we need when he gets here, the other things we “need” aren’t necessarily things we’ll need that first week or two. And that reminds me…I do need a baby book! Doh!

  3. Have you looked into short term disability? When I was placed on medical bedrest last time I qualified, and it covered up to 6 weeks after vaginal birth or 8 weeks for csection. Just a thought!

    • From what I’ve looked into, you have to have a policy in place BEFORE conception to qualify for maternity leave and bed rest. Unless I’m looking in the wrong places? If thats the case I will definitely have a policy ahead of time if we try for another one!

  4. I’m sure your guna be fine, however that doesn’t make it any easier to stop worrying. I remember wiping and checking for blood the entire way through pregnancy i was paranoid the whole time which couldn’t have been good for my BP either. The good thing is that a) your really close and if the worst did happen and you had to give birth early your babies guna be totally fine. But b) doctors and hospitals are usually over cautious especially around babies, so you know your in good hands as they will check you loads especially if they are worried. 🙂 I will keep my fingers crossed that your BP comes down and that everything is fine 🙂 xxx

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