37 Weeks

Exactly today.  It’s insane how far along I am.  Doesn’t seem possible!

Yesterday I finally had my follow up/weekly checkup with the doc.  My blood pressure was down to 144/83 and there wasn’t any protein in my urine, so Dr. L was very happy with that.  I also managed to lose a pound somehow, although I’m sure how since I feel like all I’ve done is eat and sleep all week.  Probably due to not retaining as much fluid with the blood pressure being down. But still….I’ve REALLY liked the food this week! Haha.. He wants me to continue the bp medication and “bed rest” because it seems to be working.  I did get permission to do “remedial” tasks around the house and short shopping trips if I’m climbing the walls, but he wants me to spend the majority of the day resting off my feet.  I’m thinking I’m going to at least need a lunch or dinner date with someone who isn’t my husband at some point…I love him and all but I think we’re starting to get on each other’s nerves lol!

The rest of my appointment was good as well, although I did get the biggest scare of my life!  Doc pulled out the Doppler and stuck it on my belly.  Usually I hear an instant thumping of that baby boy’s heart.  We’ve never had a hard time finding it, with the exception of my first OB visit, and we were just too early at that point.  This time, he moved the wand around to a couple of places, switched sides of my belly, pushed around a little bit….I’m sure this took all of 15-20 seconds, but as I laid there on that table NOT hearing my baby’s heartbeat at 37 freakin’ weeks, I panicked.  My face got hot, I felt tears well up, my body was pretty much paralyzed.  Then all of sudden, there it was. Thump thump thump.  “Is that him?!”  I asked, a little too franticly.  Dr. L assured me he was fine, and I admitted I had started to panic.  He said he was laying funny and “running” from him, so it just took him a few seconds to find the correct position.  I’m sure that’s normal, but I still didn’t like it.

I think I said before, I’m having more paranoia the closer I get to delivering.  I had a lot in the beginning of my pregnancy, and while it never went completely away, I got to a point where I felt mostly safe.  You’d think that in these last couple weeks it’d be smooth sailing without a care in the world besides when is this kid gonna get out of me.  But for me its like the total opposite.  I’m terrified of coming this far, of keeping him alive this long, only for something to happen at the last minute.  I’m obsessed with whether or not he’s moving enough, and I poke and prod on him way too much just for my own sanity.  I’m sad that my pregnancy is coming to an end, but at the same time I’ll be so happy and relieved when I can finally hold him and know that he is healthy and safe.

After my meltdown with the Doppler, Dr. L checked my cervix.  Nothing.  Not dilated.  Not soft.  Locked up tight.  I was a little surprised.  I was thinking this little guy might get here before Christmas.  Things can change fast, I know that.  And even if I was dilated, I could be at a 1 or 2 for weeks.  So none of this means anything.  Except he’s just not ready yet.  So we continue to wait.  Dr. L did go over some things with me about labor, and said if I felt like I was in labor, to not ask questions and go to L&D to get checked.  I had a few questions as far as what to look for…he assured me I’d know.  So that’s that.  We just wait, and I go back next Tuesday for my 38 week checkup.

In other news, I’ve got baby boy’s newborn photos all set up…sort of.  I spoke with the photographer I decided on and all I have to do is get in touch with her a day or two after he is born.  She likes to do newborn shoots 5-10 days after they are born.  I LOVE her work.  And she is fairly cheap, considering how talented she is.  She only photographs newborn through 1st birthday, so she does a great job working with babies since that is all she does. I’m pretty excited for his pictures and will definitely share some here when they are done!

So…so far all is well.  We are just playing the waiting game.  Bed rest is a bummer,  but it could be worse.  I plan on making a quick shopping trip tomorrow for some things I need for my hospital bag while hubby is at work.  I need out of this house, and Dr. L did ok me for a short trip to the store 😉 .  So I’ll leave you with my 36 weeks 6 days bump pic from yesterday.  It’s the first time I’d been dressed and fixed my hair and makeup in 7 days.  the first time I’d put pants on 3 days.  Don’t judge me.  LOL.

36 weeks 6 days

36 weeks 6 days

6 thoughts on “37 Weeks

  1. I really think my little guy will be here before Christmas,so crazy to think about! That would freak me out too if the doctor didn’t find the heartbeat right away,i know i’d be in tears. Lets try to get some rest,our little bundles of joy will be here soon enough 🙂

    • It did freak me out a LOT! And I was so paranoid about his movement when I got home lol…poor little guy, I was pushing and poking him all night long!

      I am trying to take advantage of this time I have to rest. Only a couple more weeks and then our lives change forever! Eek!

  2. I still freak out a little every day when the baby doesn’t move as much. I completely understand. I am also getting to the point where I am super excited about delivery, but also scared out of my mind about something happening. Good luck over the next few weeks! I’ll be thinking about you. 🙂

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