What’s in your hospital bag?

Please share!  I’m slowly but surely getting mine together…just wondering what everyone else is packing in theirs?  Or what you wish you would’ve packed if you’ve already been through this.  Thanks!


8 thoughts on “What’s in your hospital bag?

  1. Beef Jerky
    Baby Socks
    Scratch mittens
    a blanket
    breast pads (for leaking milk – I needed these with my twins)
    breakable ice pack thing (after birth I was so hot I was throwing up last time)
    take home outfit
    travel toiletries
    big undies
    going home outfit for me
    spare phone charger

    I can’t think of anything else, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t in there! lol

  2. Mine currently has,
    For me- Nursing tops, yoga pants, big undies, (instead of a robe) open front sweater, socks with tread on bottom (I bought new ones from bath and body so I can use my old ones and throw them away if need be), hair ties, gum, sugar free candy to suck on, travel size shampoo/conditioner/body wash/qtips/dry shampoo/toothpaste/etc. A little makeup. (I am debating taking my boppie and my own pillow)
    For Baby- two outfits one new born size one 3 month size just in case he is a big baby (socks/mittens/beanie/onesie). one swaddle blanket and warm cover blanket. ***baby book (I was told that if you have the baby book that they will put foot prints directly in the book)*** I was told not to bring diaper/wipes baby supplies as they have them for us. Car seat.
    Daddy’s bag- camera, one outfit, sweats, sweatshirt, snacks, socks (3pairs), boxers (3), chargers for electronics, and books.

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