The (Unfinished) Nursery

So I figured I’d put up a few pictures of the nursery, even though it’s nowhere near finished yet.  For the most part we’ve got most of what we need already, I just really slacked off and didn’t get any of the decorating done that I wanted.  There’s pretty much NOTHING on the walls yet.  And I don’t expect it to get done before he’s here, so it is what it is right now!  I don’t think he’s going to mind one bit either way. 😉


nursery 20131227_142344 20131227_142317 20131227_142302 20131227_142240

So that’s it!  I had a vision in my head of what I wanted to do very early on.  I just haven’t gotten around to finishing that vision lol.  I’m happy with my color scheme though and I plan to put his name above his crib once he’s here (still between Mason and Chace…we’ll know once we meet him!).

Another thing I wanted to show off is the high chair that my uncle made for the baby!  He gave it to us on Christmas and I am in love with it!  Not only is it one of a kind, but it is adorable and will be able to be passed down and used for many years.  I love special gifts like this so much!



9 thoughts on “The (Unfinished) Nursery

  1. This is so adorable! I thought about navy blue for Abby’s room, but most likely we will have the nursery in a room without a window. I think I’m going to go with lighter colors. I love yours though!

    • Thank you! I found the navy blue walls/white furniture scheme on pinterest and loved it! And I loved how the green popped too. I still need a table and lamp by my glider but I think we will be OK for the time being.

      I love the idea of navy blue for a baby girls room! But I agree if there’s no window lighter colors might be the way to go. 🙂

  2. Love your nursery! I wish i had one. Right now i live in a one bedroom apartment so baby will be sharing a room with me for now & my dining room is full of baby stuff. I’m on a list for a two bedroom hoping come February we will get to move.

  3. Awe! So very cute! I can’t wait until you have a pic using it now!!!!! Though, it is a bit frustrating to put all that work into t, then have them in your room all the time 🙂

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