39 Weeks 6 Days

Happy New Year all!

I will be ringing in 2014 still pregnant! At my appointment Monday I was still not dilated AT ALL. Bummer. Tomorrow marks 40 weeks, and rather than waiting it out another week Dr. L wants to go ahead and induce due to the pregnancy related hypertension (which is under control but still makes him uneasy letting me go that long with it).

I’ll go into L&D tomorrow night at 9pm and get checked in. From there I’ll get cytotec I believe and sometime early Thursday morning we’ll induce with pitocin I assume, depending on how things progress.  Really this is all a stab in the dark for me as I’ve never done any of this before. I’m hoping things go smoothly and quickly and my body gets in gear and does what it’s supposed to! I’m at a higher risk for c section going this route so here’s hoping that doesn’t end up being the case. We won’t know until we down to it so please be thinking of me!

Good news is baby boy seems to be fine.  Dr.L asked how his movement was and I admitted I felt he had slowed down a bit but my kick counts were still good. He decided to hook me up and monitor his heart rate and movement for 20 minutes (nst I think?) Which was not fun. Baby wasn’t cooperating and when we finally got the monitor in the right place I had to lay still on my back for 20 minutes or longer….soooo uncomfortable! Good news is baby is great and healthy at this point.  He’s even been moving NONSTOP all day today! He’s wiggling around as I type this. He may know its almost time!

I’ll try to put up my 40 week update tomorrow but no promises.  Hubby and I plan on taking it easy all day until time to go in. I admit I’m getting really nervous but I think hubby may be more nervous than me! If you don’t hear from me, I’ll update when we get little guy home.

Happy 2014!



2 thoughts on “39 Weeks 6 Days

  1. Oh good luck good luck! I was given Cytotec and it took 2 doses but things really went nuts after that…but then my water had already broken. I hope it all goes smoothly!

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