Birth Story

After my appointment Monday Dr. L scheduled us to go to L&D Wednesday night at 9pm to be induced.  I was nervous about induction but Dr. L felt it was best for me and the baby due to the high blood pressure.  He did not feel comfortable waiting another week.

So Wednesday Hubby and I tried to have a relaxing day at home but it was almost impossible for all the phone calls, texts, and drop in visitors.  I get that everyone was excited, but they all had questions that I did not have answers to.  I was a little annoyed and hubby kept telling me to chill out and be thankful for so many people who cared.  Which I was and am thankful for.  But at the time I was also scared and the constant questioning wasn’t helping.

At around 8:15pm or so hubby and I were ready to head to the hospital.  We packed up the car and I almost broke down and cried before we left.  I pushed back tears the whole way there.  Part of it was that I was so happy and excited to finally have this baby.  Part of it was that I was terrified.

We arrived at the hospital at around 8:45.  We got to L&D and checked in at the front desk.  I signed a little paperwork and got my hospital bracelet.  Then they took me back to my room.  I was given a gown and a cup and told to change and collect a urine sample.  After that I crawled into the bed that would later become my worst nightmare.  My nurse came in to start my IV and get everything hooked up.  Her name was Sophie and she was very sweet, very nice, and very helpful.  She answered all of our questions, and we had a lot.  We weren’t exactly sure how things were going to go down and she explained everything to us.  My only complaint was that Sophie needed to CUT HER FINGERNAILS.  Because next was my cervix check.  And ohmygosh holyhell I could’ve sworn Freddy Kruger was checking it for me!  Ouch!

When she was finally done, she came to the conclusion that I was still not dilated at all.  So now she was going to administer the Cytotec to get my cervix to “ripen” and thin.  This is done by inserting a tiny little pill inside (or behind she said?) the cervix.  Here comes Freddy Kruger again!

Once that nightmare was over, all there was to do was wait.  Sophie said she would check on me in 2 hours.  Hubby got settled onto the couch and watched a little bit of a football game.  I laid restlessly in that bed, trying not to move too much since when I moved, Mason moved and then we had to find him again with the monitor.  Within 30 minutes I started having contractions.  Not bad ones, but I actually started cramping which was more than had happened before.  This went on for a while, and the cramping got stronger, but still not horrible.  Sophie checked on me at midnight, took my temp and bp, then said she would be back at 2am to check my cervix.

At 2am I still was not dilated.  Sophie gave me a second dose of Cytotec.  My contractions continued, getting a little worse to the point were I was seriously uncomfortable.  I kept checking my phone to see how close together they were, because it seemed like I wasn’t getting a break.  They were around 1-2 minutes apart.  As soon as one would finish, another would start again.  I was hurting enough to whine a little, but not enough to be asking for an epidural just yet.

When Sophie came in again at around 4am, she asked if I was in any pain.  I told her yes, it wasn’t horrible yet but I was very uncomfortable.  She offered me some pain medicine and I accepted.  She came back with some Nubane.  It immediately made the whole room spin!  But it calmed me down and made me sleepy so I was able to at least catch a few Z’s while I was waiting for labor to pick up.

Within 30 minutes of getting the Nubane, Sophie was back in my room pulling my gown up and moving the baby’s monitor around.  I was very sleepy at this point so I just laid there and let her.  I’d had to lay incredibly still all night because if I moved the monitor and/or baby moved and we’d have to find him again.  I assumed I’d moved while I was sleeping.  Sophie had me turn to my other side and she looked some more.  Soon there was another nurse standing over me.  Then they were putting an oxygen mask on me and telling me to take deep breaths.  Finally they found Mason.

His heart rate had dropped way WAY low and they had a hard time finding it and distinguishing it from mine.  Eventually it came back up, but not as fast as they wanted.  They called Dr. L and he said to monitor me closely and call him if it happened again.  I asked if the pain medication had anything to do with it.  They assured me that it didn’t.  They use it everyday, and while it should make baby sleepy, it should NOT make his heart rate drop that low and not come back up.  This was caused by something else.

The nurses finally left my room, assuring me they would be monitoring me closely from the nurses station. I stayed as still as possible so that I wouldn’t lose Mason on the monitor. I was seriously hurting and uncomfortable from staying in one position so long and from the contractions, which were so close together they were practically one long contraction.  The pain medication was helping, but now that I was alert I was more aware of them.

I had almost dozed off again when the nurses burst into my room again.  Roll this way.  Roll that way.  Move the monitor around.  Put the oxygen mask on again.  Take deep breaths.  Mason’s heart rate dropped again.  Another call to Dr. L.  The original plan was to start Pitocin at 6am and Dr. L would be in between 7 and 8am to break my water and really get things going.  Change of plans.  Dr. L ordered a medication to stop labor completely.  Sophie gave me a shot in the arm and told me my contractions should stop. Dr. L would be here later to discuss our options.

Apparently the Cytotec can hyperstimulate your uterus.  At this point we believe that’s what was happening.  I was barely dilated to 1 by the end of all this and I had been having contraction for a good 7 hours or so.  There was no break in contractions so Mason was having a hard time recovering from them, especially since we were no where near delivery.  Dr. L also believes my placenta was compromised from the high blood pressure, which contributed to the problems as well.

Not long after giving me the shot that was supposed to stop labor, Sophie burst into my room yet again.  She threw a bunny suit at my husband (who, bless his heart had been pacing the floors this whole time feeling very scared and helpless) and told him to get dressed, we were going to C-section NOW.  I told hubby to text our parents and let them know the baby was coming.

Apparently the shot did not stop my contractions, and Mason’s heart rate was continuing to drop and not come up.  Dr. L made the call to go straight to C-section.  Sophie came into get us at around 6:30.  We had a baby at 7:04.

Thank goodness it was so fast, because I barely had time to think about it.  By this time I was terrified something bad would happen to my baby boy.  I was shaking uncontrollably from nerves and fear.  I was scared of the spinal block and I hated the feeling of being completely paralyzed from the waist down.  The CRNA that did the spinal was so sweet and she talked me through the whole thing.  Hubby sat right by me and rubbed my head the whole time.  I’m pretty sure he was more scared than I was.

Dr, L never broke a sweat.  He was laid back and calm the whole time, which is one of the things I like so much about him.  He finally pulled our baby boy out and they dropped the curtain so I could look over and see him.  A few moments later I heard him cry and  I kissed my husband, thankful that we were all ok at that point.

They brought him over to me and I kissed his little cheek.  I only got about 20 seconds with him before they had to take him to the nursery.  Hubby got to carry him and stay with him, and I gave him instructions to take good care of him.  While I was being sewn up, the CRNA kept me company and told me how beautiful he was.  When he was done, Dr. L commended me on a job well done, and I thanked him a million times for taking care of us and not hesitating to do what needed to be done.

I spent an hour in recovery being monitored.  Hubby came to check on me for a minute before I sent him back to be with Mason.  After my hour was up I was taken back to our room, where I had to wait even longer to see my baby.  They had to monitor him in the nursery for 2 hours because of everything that happened.  Then a nurse came in saying Mason’s blood sugar was too low, and since I was going to try breastfeeding they had to do some sort of glucose something or other that would take a while, OR they could just give him a bottle.  I opted to give him a bottle so that I could see him sooner.  (I ended up not breastfeeding.)

Finally, after more than 3 hours, they brought my baby to me.  We had all kinds of family waiting to come in, but I told Hubby they would have to wait.  I still hadn’t got to hold my own baby, and I wanted time with just the three of us together.

It was pretty amazing, holding that little guy in my arms for the first time.  After more than 3 years, we finally had our baby.  🙂

I feel a little cheated out of the whole giving birth experience.  I mean, there’s a part of me (mainly my vagina) that is ok with the C-section.  And I know that was the safest way to get him here.  But don’t be fooled, it’s not all its cracked up to be.  Recovery is a bitch!

I’ll try to get more into that in another post.  For right now, this the birth story.  It has seriously taken me over a week to get this thing done!  Life with a newborn is crazy, guys!  So worth it, but so crazy!  I’ll try to update soon!


12 thoughts on “Birth Story

  1. Congrats!! I’m glad it all turned out well! Unfortunately, this is an all too common story when Cytotec is used to induce labor. It’s not a good drug at all for pregnancy but hospitals continue to use it because it’s cheaper than Cervidil. It’s not even meant for inducing labor! Sorry, it still makes me mad that they still use this dangerous drug. But I am so, so happy your little one is here safe and sound! Enjoy that snuggly newborn!

    • I did a little research and found out how common the hyperstimulation is. It’s a little unnerving they let this happen so much! If I ever get to have another I will not be letting them use this drug, thats for sure. So thankful for a good outcome and healthy baby though 🙂

  2. Glad that you are both okay. Give yourself the freedom to rejoice in that 🙂 I’m gathering that many birth stories are not what we would have originally wanted. congrats again!

  3. So happy to hear that you are doing well..I’ve been wondering about you! I hate that your birth story isn’t exactly what you had hoped for, but so glad that everything ended up being ok with both you and Mason. I’m a little nervous that my birth story will end up very similar, as I’m due in two days and am still only dilated to 1cm. Fingers crossed…..

    Keep us posted, please! I’m looking to you for advice for these first few weeks! =)

    • I hope your induction goes better than mine if you end up being induced! I will keep my fingers crossed for you! My first word of advice….let the baby spend a night in the nursery at the hospital so you and hubby can get a good full nights sleep before going home…believe me it’ll be the last one you get for a while! I felt like I was cheating when they offered to take him to the nursery for the night but I’m glad I let them now because sleep is elusive! 😉

  4. I’m so glad everything is OK. I really want a vaginal delivery too, but really… any birth story that ends with a healthy and happy mom and baby is a great birth story. Congrats, and enjoy the early weeks!

  5. Wow, so glad everyone is okay! Sounds like a terrifying time for a little bit there. I had a similar experience with the Cytotec, where it kept giving me contractions one on top of the other. I went the other direction as you, instead of it being drawn out, everything happened really fast…6cm to 10cm in 7 minutes! Super intense. I’m excited to hear more about your little boy and hopefully see some pictures! 🙂 Congrats again!

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