Life With A Newborn

Is hard, y’all!

Seriously, it’s a lot of work.  It consumes every second of every day.  It is a full time job.  24/7.  It’s amazing, but man is it exhausting.

Mason will be 2 weeks old tomorrow, and mommy and daddy are still trying to get the hang of things.  I think we’re doing pretty good so far.  Daddy is a HUGE help and I’m so thankful that he has been able to take off work with me.  We aren’t sure when he’s going back yet, and right now I can’t imagine being home by myself and doing this all alone.

Mason is a good baby, though.  He cries when he’s hungry or wet/dirty, but other than that he doesn’t fuss too much.  The last couple of days he’s been a little gassy, and there’s been a little fussiness to go with that but nothing really to complain about.  He’s been eating 2oz every 3 hours, but last night we upped it to 3oz every 3 hours because he wasn’t seeming very satisfied after he ate.   Tomorrow is his 2 week checkup with Dr. Chris so we’re looking forward to seeing how our little guy is doing.

My only complaint, really, is that the kid doesn’t seem to want to sleep at nighttime, unless its in mommy or daddy’s arms.  I’ll feed him, burp him, rock him a little and he’ll be fast asleep.  Once he hits that bassinet all bets are off.  He’ll lay there maybe 10 minutes if we’re lucky and then he’s crying to be picked up.  Because of this, mommy and daddy have had to basically take shifts at night with him.  It’s getting very old very fast.  He is a little more active at night, which we’re working on.  I’m trying to keep him awake for a while after I feed him around 7:00, that way at the next feeding he’ll be tired and ready to sleep.  And he does go to sleep…just not in the freakin’ bassinet.

I’m desperate at this point.  Anyone have any pointers on how to get this kid to sleep somewhere besides my arms at night?  I do NOT want to spoil him to only sleeping while he’s being held.  He sleeps good in his swing or even if I just lay him on the couch beside me.  I do not plan to try co-sleeping in our bed either.  I don’t want to start a big debate, but I just feel that him sleeping in my bed with me is too dangerous, especially with the way I sleep.  We’re even looking into buying a new bassinet or sleeper.  The one we have is used but in good shape and was a gift.  I’m wondering if he’ll sleep better in a Pack n’ Play or other kind of sleeper?  Mommas, tell me what your baby sleeps in at night!

As for me, I’m doing pretty good.  I’m exhausted, yes.  I’m still sore around my C-section incision, and I don’t think it’s healing very fast.  I have a little spot that oozes a little bit, but the nurse told me that’s fine unless it turns to pus or starts smelling of infection.  I carry most of my weight in my stomach and have that lower belly pooch, so I think that extra weight on it is causing the ooziness/slow healing.  I’ll get it checked out on Friday at my 2 week follow up with Dr. L.  Speaking of weight, I’ve lost 25lbs since giving birth.  I’m actually 6lbs lighter than my pre-pregnancy weight!  I’m attributing it to the fact that I literally forget to eat sometimes.  I’m working on fixing that, but there are seriously days where I’m lucky if I get one meal in.  I just get so wrapped up in taking care of M that eating or being hungry is put on the back burner.

I guess that’s all for now.  I’ll update after M’s appointment tomorrow with how he’s doing.  Until then, here’s the sweet face that’s been keeping me up at night 🙂



19 thoughts on “Life With A Newborn

  1. Oh my gosh he is ADORABLE. What a sweetie.

    We went through a similar struggle with the sleeping at night thing. She would get sleepy, fall asleep when I nursed her or in my arms, and then wake up again the second I set her down. I think at that point (up until maybe…4 weeks? 5?) she still didn’t have the whole daytime/nighttime thing figured out, so that contributed. We tried having her sleep in the little cradle we had been given, but it just wasn’t working, so I ended up putting her back in the big crib. We did the shift thing too and it was rough. Really, though, I don’t think you have to worry about “spoiling” or getting him too used to sleeping in your arms or the swing at first. We weren’t planning on co-sleeping either but some nights I had little choice but to camp out in the reclining chair with her or sleep with her on my chest because it was the only way we could get some sleep. I have been putting her strictly in her own crib since probably week 6 though and she has done just fine, sleeps in there on her own every night. (We have a bed in her room and slept in there with her till week 8, then we moved back to our room with the monitor.) I wish I had some better advice for you but I think at first really all bets are off and you just kind of do what works. If he sleeps in the swing, let him sleep there. Once he adjusts to this whole “life outside the womb” thing it’ll get easier to get him to sleep in the bassinet or crib. Good luck!!

    • Aw thank you 🙂

      I guess I just really need to be patient. I’m just so tired and would give anything at this point to be able to sleep more than 3 hours at a time. I guess I worry about spoiling him because thats all I hear from our moms/aunt/grandma… that we hold him too much and he’ll be sleeping with us until he’s 5. Or how ridiculous it is for us to be sleeping in shifts and we need to start sleeping together again. I mean, we’d love to, come on over and stay up with my baby and we will! I find it hilarious that these people who haven’t had a newborn at home in 30 years or more have SO much advice.

      Anyhow…I’m basically just doing whatever works right now. We spend a lot of time camped out in the recliner, including right now! When I say I’m against co-sleeping I mostly mean letting him camp out in between us in the bed. And thats only because I’m too afraid of us hurting him somehow in our sleep. I’m not ready to use the crib anytime soon because I want him in my room and we’d probably have to take the crib apart to get it out of the nursery lol.

      Ok I’m rambling now! So tired! Lol.. Thanks for all the advice! Hopefully we can get a routine going soon! 🙂

      • Totally understand! Those first few weeks with Caroline were just….insane. Totally nuts. It was so hard to finally just say yep, she’s in control here and we have to play by her rules. I mean, life is hard enough for us with a newborn but it’s gotta be just as hard for them being outside the womb and all that. So if you find something that works, even if it’s taking shift work or sleeping in the chair or whatever, roll with it. He will find a rhythm soon and you will figure out something that works for everyone. (But it could take a while…like I said, I wasn’t sleeping regularly in my own room with Caroline in hers till week 8) And definitely don’t worry about spoiling him…everything I’ve read and everyone I’ve talked to say it’s not possible to spoil a baby any earlier than 6 months old and probably later than that. He just needs his mommy and daddy! 🙂

  2. He’s so cute! My little guy sleeps in a rock N play. I’ve tried the crib but he doesn’t like it,plus it’s huge & he’s so tiny. I’ve had issues during the day with him wanting to sleep in my arms & not in the rock n play,i heard that it’s normal for them to want to sleep in your arms for awhile…sucks that it’s happening to you guys at night 😦

    • Thank you! 🙂

      Ive looked into getting a rock n play for him, I’ve read they sleep a little better in them than the bassinet. He was mostly active at night when I was pregnant so I’m not surprised he’s got his days and nights mixed up. Hopefully we’ll figure something out soon!

  3. I hear you on this newborn business being really hard! Our little one is just over 3 weeks old and I am just exhausted pretty much 24/7. My LO won’t sleep in her bassinet either for more than about 10 minutes. She will be dead asleep when I put her down but she starts to stir and fuss and then cry so I have to pick her back up and she is asleep in my arms within in seconds. We have figured out that she will sleep soundly in her bouncy chair or the napper in her pack and play as long as she is swaddled tightly so that is where she naps and sleeps at night now. I think there is something with not being completely flat on her back and sort of confined in the chair or napper that makes her feel safe and secure enough to sleep. Also using a swaddle sac helps to keep her from startling herself awake by flailing her arms. Although this sleep arrangement seems to be working for the most part, she has had some nights where she will not sleep anywhere but on mine or Dad’s chest!

    Your son is absolutely adorable!

    • I knew it would be hard work but I just don’t think I was fully prepared 🙂

      I’m looking at getting him some kind of sleeper that’s not flat and is more supportive around him like a rock n play or something. Do you use the halo sleep sac? Its got velcro wings that swaddle? I’m pretty sure I’m going to try one of those out as well. I’ll try anything until we find something that works!

      And thank you!

  4. I could have written this myself. Dex hated his arms reach sleeper. We noticed though that he passed out without being held on our bed beside us (when we were awake). DH thought about it and the thin ass mattress where he sleeps probably sucks. So we moved the crib into our room and BAM! Out like a light when we set him down. Try it during the day. Set him in his crib (if you have one) and see what happens. If you don’t want to leave him, sleep on the floor or in a chair. Dex now sleeps the whole time (unless colicy) in the crib at night between feelings.

    As for sleeping at night.. Ha!!! I mean, yah, that was a struggle with Dex. His alert time was midnight to 4 AM! For us I found if I kept him up and his alert Time was 1-5 pm he sleeps through the night. If we tire him too much, he is too tired and restless.

    Hope you get in that groove soon. It helps a lot. As for being on your own, I got a week with DH before he went back to work. We have shifts now. I handle everything Dex from Midnight to 6/7 PM. Then from 10-midnight I sleep. It works out well when DH doesn’t wake me. Lol

    • Same thing with Mason, he will pass out pn the couch or in the bed beside us, but wakes up guns a blazing in the bassinet. Our bassinet also has a really thin pad that we’ve thought is probably pretty uncomfortable. So we’ve considered looking into buying an actual mattress for it…the trick is finding one that fits and isn’t a fortune. We were actually talking yesterday about experimenting with the crib during the day so we may see how that works out. We may have to move the dang thing into our bedroom after all. At this point I’ll try anything.

      I’ve been trying to keep him up a little later in the evening. Maybe I’ll try around 1-5pm ljke you and see how he does. As it is now its like a switch is flipped when the sun goes down. I hate that 10 to midnight is the only uninterrupted (sometimes) sleep you get! We try to let each other sleep 3-4 hours at a time while the other is up with M, but a lot of times hubby has a “crisis” and has to get mommy up for help. I can’t help but laugh sometimes. He really does try hard though 🙂

      • I know! Hubby came in one night waking me up saying, “we’re bored.” Another night he put him in the crib and left. Dex was screaming minutes later and I had to soothe him because DH didn’t hear him. Lol

  5. I use the rock n play for Gabby when I cant get her to go back to sleep after a feeding. It works like a charm. I also bought a vibrating pad that goes under the crib mattress and used it last night. It worked really well for awhile, but I still ended up using rock n play around 3:30 till time to get up.

    • All the reviews on the rock n play say its a miracle worker. The bassinet pad is so thin, I just don’t think its comfortable enough. I read the transition from the rock n play to the crib can be hard though, but at this point I just want him to sleep somewhere besides my arms or his swing. We may be making a trip to target soon!

      • I think it’s well worth the $$$! Plus, its so portable. I put them in it to watch me get ready if they wake up before I’m ready to get them dressed. Luckily, they only do that one at a time. Don’t forget batteries for it when you get it. The vibrator on it is part of what makes it awesome!

      • Oh, if you aren’t already doing it, try white noise or lullaby music. I have a lullaby station on Pandora that I use by the crib or rock n play almost nightly. 🙂

  6. we don’t use a halo sleep sac but the ones we use are identical to them except they do not have the zipper for easy access for diaper changes. we inherited one from my sister and it has been working pretty good so we bought a couple more. They are called swaddle me sacs.

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