And The Winner Is…

So the battle for sleep continues with my adorable little man. My husband joked the other night that its like a switch is flipped when the sun goes down. He said, “Do you think when we’re not looking he climbs outta the swing and leaves and his evil twin walks in wearing a leather jacket and smoking a cigarette ready to torment us for the night?” Let me emphasize the word US, because God bless my husband for being so involved and such a big help and losing just as much sleep as me. I seriously would have lost it by now if not for him.

So we’ve decided we are going to try anything and everything to get this kid to sleep at night (without one of us holding him). First up was the Rock n Play, as recommended by many of you. The reviews online are mixed as far as “safety” goes. Apparently this thing is being blamed for giving babies flat heads? Just my opinion, babies can get a flat head from anything…crib, bassinet, car seat, anything if you leave them in it 24/7. Thats why holding your baby and tummy time are so important. So I tend to ignore those bad reviews. Plus for every bad one, there’s ten more from mommy’s who swear by the thing. So thd other day while we were out for M’s doctors appointment, we went by Target and bought ourselves a Snugamonkey Rock n Play.  Here’s M enjoying himself in it.



Yes, he seems to like it. And definitely slept better in it than in the bassinet. It wasn’t a complete home run though. While he didn’t wake up as soon as I set him down, he didn’t stay asleep very long. I had to rock the Rock n Play and soothe him quite a bit to keep him resting. So I was still awake for much of the night instead of being able to sleep in between feedings. So I do like the Rock n Play and think it’ll be really handy for naps and travel and convenience. But its not the answer to our problem.

Some of you mentioned the swaddle sacs. I had wanted to get a sleep sac anyway but couldn’t find one around here with the swaddle wings. So we ordered one on Amazon.  Then when we were at Target getting the Rock n Play hubby found these on clearance:



So we bought them. Last night was the first time we got them out and tried them. M fought me at first when I tired to wrap him up in it.  Then something magical happened. He calmed down and just looked at me. After a little rocking, he was fast asleep. Now came the real test. We laid him in his bassinet. And for the next 5 minutes waited for the inevitable wailing that usually comes. But there was nothing but silence. And it continued all the way until his next feeding. And that went on ALL night! He only woke up early crying once because he was wet. Otherwise he went right back to sleep in that bassinet until it was time to eat again.


We’re hoping its not a fluke and it works again tonight. Fingers crossed! Imagine if all this time all he needed was a good swaddle?! 🙂


5 thoughts on “And The Winner Is…

    • Last night was not a good night! But he was gassy and a little fussy so I think his belly just hurt 😦 he finally went down in the rock n play around 3. Just fed him and he was asleep before he was done so I’m hoping he’s feeling better! I’ve not given up hope on the swaddles and the bassinet…we will try again tonight! 🙂

  1. those are exactly what we use for our daughter and most nights they work well… still occasional up all night want to rip my hair out nights but I think that will happen no matter what every so often

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