Flu Season: When NOT To Have A Baby

Well, my little baby nugget will be 1 month old on Thursday, and what a month it’s been! I plan to do a monthly update on him much like my pregnancy updates, so stay tuned for that.  This post is all about the sickness that has attacked my home.

I’m sure most of you new mommas have been just as paranoid as I have about the flu/rsv/any other sickness going around. I won’t let anyone in the house who has so much as the sniffles.  And we have a strict hand washing/germ xing rule. We havent taken M anywhere except his doctor’s appointments, with the exception of a car ride the other day because it was so pretty out and mommy and daddy needed out of the house.  But even then, M went from the house to the car to the house again. So imagine my surprise and panic when M developed a cough this weekend!

New mommy paranoia set in and google told me my child was as good as gone. I called the pediatrician’s office, which goes to a Kids Care line where you talk to a nurse at the children’s hospital.  She told me things to look for and when to take M to the ER, but advised to avoid it unless he needed to go since he could pick up God knows what there, and to follow  up with Dr. Chris on Monday.  Since M wasn’t running fever and was eating and sleeping fine, I opted not to go to the ER and instead spent the rest of the weekend staying up all night making sure he was breathing.  Yup. Don’t Google shit you guys.

So we saw Dr. Chris Monday and he said his lungs sounded great, it was most likely the cough was caused by some drainage from the congestion he’s had. Right now everything looks good,  but he told us to come back in if symptoms get worse or we have any other concerns. Mommy is sleeping (ha! who has time for sleep?!) a little better now.

In the meantime, around the same time M developed this cough, hubby starts getting a “tickle” in his throat. Which turned into a little cough as well. I had the doc I work for send us both in a zpak, just in case. I figured it wouldn’t hurt. Hubby started his immediately.  I’m saving mine “just in case”.

Today hubby started not feeling so hot. This evening I checked his temp.  100.2. Not good! I can’t have this contaminated man living in the same house as my baby! Not to mention, I’m on my own now.

I know it sounds selfish, and its not his fault he’s sick, but now I’m the only one on baby duty while he is quarantined in the bedroom.  I haven’t slept more than 2-3 hours at a time since we came home, and he gets to sleep off the sickness all day and night for however long it lasts. Yes, I know how horrible I sound. But sleep deprivation makes me not care.

So hubs is taking the zpak and I loaded him up on ibuprofen and tylenol. The fever broke as of 11 o’clock tonight but I told him he was still quarantined for the night at least.  He dudnt seem to mind. I hope he realizes that this means he now owes me a full nights sleep while he gets up with M. He’ll be so happy about that 😉

But seriously, I hope its not the flu and I REALLY hope my baby doesnt  get sick. Hubby thought it was a sinus infection,  which he gets quite a bit, so let’s hope that’s what it is and the antibiotics knock it out and M stays healthy! Flu season is the worst when you have a baby!

I’ll leave ya with some pics of M after we got home from the doctor yesterday. He was worn out!

20140127_1558132014-01-27 18.02.49


4 thoughts on “Flu Season: When NOT To Have A Baby

  1. I am equally paranoid bout the flu/RSV going around each week I am thankful we have made it another week and no illness in our house. With the lack of sleep I worry my immune system is weak and I could pick up anything…having a baby during flu season = bad idea.

      • I did I had him 12/23/13, I tell you its been crazy and I haven’t felt much by way of writing any post I just never have the time or the brain energy. I promise soon I will get a full post that is well well over due. I have at least been trying to keep up with everyone’s post while I am feeding.

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