Birth Control

The thought of having to worry about birth control is actually hilarious to me. Also, the thought of getting pregnant again {right now} frightens me. A lot.

That being said…

We have opted to NOT go on birth control. No pill. No mini pill. No nuva ring. Nothing.

What, are we crazy?! Maybe. Do I want to get pregnant again while caring for a newborn?  Absolutely not. But I do have my reasons.

I’ve never liked being on the pill. And I liked it even less when I found out I’d pretty much been taking it for nothing all those years.  I’m not good at remembering to take my medications. I did so well while TTC and while pregnant because it wasn’t about me then. Now that Mason is here I can barely remember my prenatal vitamin every day.

Another reason is the Factor V and clotting issue. Dr. L said if I changed my mind he’d put me on a progesterone only pill for this very reason. Still not interested.

And finally,  I just need a break. For 3 years I pumped myself full of medications and hormones and hormones and more hormones. It made me crazy and an absolute wreck. I don’t even remember what it was like to feel “normal”. I know you IF mommas/future mommas get this.

So I decided that’s it. I’m done putting this stuff into my body everyday. At least for a little while. I guess I just need a cleanse of some sort. I want to get back to ME. Or at least some version of the person I’m pretty sure I used to be. The emotional roller coaster of dealing with infertility and loss changed me, yes, but the constant flow of medications I was on changed me in a way I couldn’t control. It affected the way I dealt with things. The way I treated the people in my life. So yeah, I’m done with the hormones for now. And that means birth control.

I talked it over with the hubby. I don’t think we have anything to worry about as far as accidently getting pregnant. After all, it took us 3 years to get our take home baby with LOTS of medical intervention. BUT… there’s always that chance. You hear the stories. We’ve heard it a million times while TTC. My brother’s best friend’s cousin had trouble getting pregnant with their first, then they magically got pregnant with their second a week after they had the baby!  Or something to that extent. So I told Hubs that if he really wanted me to go back on the pill, I would. I don’t want to, and he said he was ok with that. But I was clear that he had to be ok with the very slim chance that we could “accidently” get pregnant in the next year before we’re ready. Surprisingly, he said he was ok with taking that chance.

His sentiments were kind of the same as mine. We don’t want another baby right now. It was be hard. Having just one is hard! But, if by some crazy chance we got pregnant on our own with my polycystic ovaries and my one lonely fallopian tube, who are we to be upset about that?? It would be a miracle, and we would treat it as such. I would be one crazy momma a year from now, but we would be grateful for the miracle. 😉

So that’s that. We are not going back on birth control. And we are not actively trying to get pregnant. A year from now we plan to sit down and decide if we want to try for a second baby. Until then, whatever happens, happens!


15 thoughts on “Birth Control

  1. That’s actually our plan as well. I can’t imagine immediately getting pregnant, but the chances of that are so slim that we aren’t planning on using anything either. I totally get it. If we have a miracle baby, then I will be so grateful. If I have a couple of years without hormonal supplementation, I will also be grateful for that 🙂 I totally get it!

  2. condoms for us too! although the chances are slim I just can’t ate the risk of accidentally getting pregnant already… my “high needs” (read colicky) baby is all I can imagine handling right now 🙂

    • Haha I understand! I don’t see us using condoms a lot (we prefer the pull out method…silly I know, but HELLO polycystic ovaries and one fallopian tube!) But we are being careful right now during the after pregnancy fertile period. I still haven’t had a period yet and I’m not sure if I will on my own (didn’t have one for 2 years before ttc) so I’m not sure how fertile I am, but I also have a high maintenance baby and not looking to be pregnant again just yet 🙂 Our first week home I was sure I was never having another one ever! Lol

  3. I went back on the pill,but not really happy about it. I keep thinking what if i want another baby in a couple years? I’m already 30 so I don’t really have much time to have a baby-i already think i would be too old to have a second but if i really wanted one i would try.

    • I just turned 30 too, so my clock is ticking! We are pretty sure we want 2, so when M is a year old we plan to decide if we want to try again and go for it if so. It will be hard with them so close together but it took me so long to get pregnant the first time and I’m not getting any younger, so I don’t have a lot of time to waste! I may change my mind by this time next year though lol we’ll see! 😉

      • Yeah I wanted two also,my husband on the other hand says one & done (he did want two until he found out how hard it is with a newborn) I’m thinking I’ll just stay on the pill for a year & see how things are after that.

        • Newborns are hard! I’ve even second guessed whether I really want to do this again or not. But he’s 8 weeks now and even though its still rough, its SO much easier than it was those first couple weeks! I’m hoping it just gets easier and by the time we’re ready to try again we’ll forget how hard it was! haha!

  4. AMEN! When the nurse practitioner asked me what form of BC we would be using at my post partum check up, I laughed, then said nothing. I got the whole, “You can still get pregnant while breast feeding,” etc speech. I stopped her mid-sentence and said, “First off, I’m not breast feeding, secondly, I was on nothing for 4 years, then strong meds for 2 years, then it took IVF and FET for this little guy. During my csection they removed one of my tubes. If I get pregnant, it is a damn miracle and it was meant to be.” We aren’t even going to use condoms. The thought of another baby terrifies me too, but I highly doubt it is going to happen.

    • Exactly! My husband’s exact words were that if we do somehow get pregnant then it was apparently meant to be. I’m the same as you, before actively TTC I wasn’t on any sort of birth control for 2-3 years and I hadn’t had a period in that amount of time either. I’m 8 weeks pp and still haven’t had a period and not breastfeeding. I’m not even sure if I will have one! Some people said my body might regulate itself after having my first baby, but those are the same people that said if I just relax and stop trying I’d get pregnant…ha. My doc was understanding when I told him no BC, but he was sure to tell me it WAS possible for me to get pregnant and to be careful for a while. We don’t use condoms either…we’ve always used the ole pull out method haha not that we probably even need to. I’m so glad there are people who understand my insanity! The thought of another baby terrifies me too, but even more so the thought of being pregnant while caring for M scares me even more! And as much as it scares me, I still don’t think we have much to worry about 🙂

      • Lol. We don’t even pull out! I’m the opposite, I’m 9w pp and have had one period already. I bleed until week 6, then have had light spotting since then almost daily. Well, I haven’t been relaxed in months, so I guess I’m safe and won’t get pregnant! LOL!!!!

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