Newborn Pictures

Mason had his 3 month photo shoot yesterday, and it occurred to me that I never posted his newborn pics!

The lady that does his pictures has a “Grow With Me” package that we bought…he gets Newborn, 3 Months, 6 Months, 9 Months, and 1st Birthday pics for a very reasonable price. And she only does NB-1st birthday photography, so she’s great with babies. I call her the baby whisperer! 🙂

Admittedly, she wasn’t my first choice…there were other photographers in the area that do a lot more fancy editing and who carry a much MUCH bigger price tag. But I’m so happy I went with her because she is SO great with my son! She has the patience of a saint and does whatever she can to get the shot we want. Love her to pieces and would recommend her to anyone I know!

So here are some of M’s newborn photos, taken when he was exactly 1 week old. It makes me miss my tiny little newborn so much! As soon as she gets his 3 month session up I’ll post those!
























7 thoughts on “Newborn Pictures

    • So sweet! I always wonder how people get such perfect angelic newborn photos! We never did newborn photos for Caroline just because there was nobody up where we live who could do them and at the time because of the roads being shut off it would have taken us hours to get to Denver, which didn’t sound too appealing with a newborn! Haha. Now that we’re moving back to the city I’ll probably save up for 6 month and 1 year pictures for her.

      • Newborns were easy….he slept through the entire thing!!! She just posed him however she wanted and he snoozed the whole time! She’s very good though…she sang to him, played white noise in the background, and had the heat turned up to 80. He was very comfy the whole time!

        I suggest waiting until 6 months, you’ll get much better pics! We just did M’s 3 month and he was none too happy about it, lol. They can’t really do much at this age, and he’s too big to sleep through all of it, so its kind of the awkward age for pictures I guess. I can’t wait until our 6 month session! I hope you decide to do Caroline’s, I’d love to see some sweet pics of her! 🙂

    • Thank you! She really is great, and the package deal is amazing! There is the small, medium, and large package. We are doing the medium, which is $175 for all 5 sessions plus a coffee table book with 15 images from each session in it. I was pretty excited to find her!

    • Don’t feel bad! If I hadn’t planned it before I had him I probably wouldn’t have had any done.. at one week old I was so sleep deprived I almost canceled them because it seemed like too much trouble lol

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