3 Month Pictures

As promised, here they are!

M had his 3 month pictures done on Saturday. I was SO excited for them and SO nervous at the same time. Trying to photograph a 3 month old is much different than photographing a sleeping newborn. In the end, M did exactly what I thought he would do….he got cranky and had a meltdown. So we really didn’t get a whole lot of shots this go around. I was disappointed because my photographer has ENDLESS backgrounds and props and setups, and we didn’t use hardly ANYTHING! She did great, and caught some smiles that I wasn’t even aware he had given since he was being Mr. Crankypants the entire time. She told me 3 months is the most difficult because they can’t really do anything and they get mad when you try to make them lol. But she promised we’d make up for it at our 6 month session and said he’d have way more fun too because he’ll be able to sit up instead of us trying to prop him up on random objects.

So here are the few shots that we did get. Don’t get me wrong, what we got was great! But I’m already making big plans for his 6 month shoot 🙂 Can’t wait for July!’







Once he started with the meltdown, I got him calmed down and asleep enough to catch a shot of him snoozing in her Easter setup. About 5 seconds after this was taken he lost it lol…




She snuck most of the shots for this collage while I was holding him and rocking him to sleep. It was obvious he wasn’t going to cooperate today so she made this collage for me as well! 🙂




And finally, here’s a comparison photo to show just how much he has grown since his newborn photos….CRAZY!!!




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