My First Mother’s Day

Seriously,  hubby did such a great job celebrating me on my first Mother’s Day!  He did way too much and set the bar high for Father’s Day.  I would usually fill this post with a lot of mushy things about why I’m so happy and grateful that I got to celebrate this day this year, and that’s all true.  But I have a sleeping baby in my arms right now who could wake up and decide this post is over at any moment,  so I’m gonna keep it short and sweet.

My Mother’s Day happened over 3 days,  or in 3 phases according to my husband.  Phase 1 was getting flowers delivered to work on Friday!  I never get flowers so I was genuinely surprised!  And they were so beautiful and funky…not your run of the mill roses, I loved how different they were.  The card was short but sweet and brought a tear to my eye,  simply saying “It took a long time but you’re finally a mom.”


When I got home from work that night,  hubs told me to be ready when he got home Saturday night for Phase 2 of my Mother’s Day weekend.  He made reservations at a super expensive steak house that we’ve only been to once before. He arranged a sitter without me knowing and took me out on our first date post baby. We shared a $70 two and a half pound steak and it was fantastic! We definitely cannot dine like that often but boy was it good!


Phase 3 of my Mother’s Day weekend was a simple card when I woke up Sunday.  It was beautiful and amazing and made me cry AGAIN! Hubby knows just the right things to say! Inside the card was a gift certificate for a 90 minute swedish massage that hubby had already scheduled for that following Tuesday while he would be home with M. It. Was. Amazing.



I can’t say enough about my first Mother’s Day.  It was more than I ever could of dreamed! I still can’t believe that I’m actually a mommy!  I will cherish this day for the rest of my life 🙂



Baby Nugget – 4 Months

My precious baby boy, you turned 4 MONTHS OLD on May 2nd!


My, how time has flown! You had a big month last month! You had your very first playdate with Mommy’s friend A and Baby J, you celebrated your first Easter and went to your first family dinner, you went to your first wedding (and you were SO good, you didn’t make a peep the whole time!), you ate off a spoon for the first time (well, sorta), you celebrated your daddy’s birthday, and you mastered rolling over!

Baby's first Easter! Look at all that loot!

Baby’s first Easter! Look at all that loot!

First Spoonful!

First Spoonful!

Where's my bottle??

Where’s my bottle??

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

(Daddy let him help blow out the candles…The angle of the picture makes it look like he’s super close to that candle but I promise he was a safe distance away!)

What are your stats and what does the doctor say?

You haven’t had your 4 month checkup yet, you go for that in another 1 1/2 weeks. But unofficially you are about 15.5 lbs! I haven’t measured you yet but I can tell you are getting longer!

What are you eating?

You are still eating Enfamil Infant and you tolerate it well (although you do spit up often…but you are a happy spitter and it’s not enough to be alarmed by). You take about 6oz every 3-4 hours, but you usually go closer to 4 hours between feedings. We tried eating cereal with a spoon for the first time last week! You weren’t too crazy about it. We plan to try again soon though!

When do you eat and sleep?

You eat every 3-4 hours during the day and take a couple of short catnaps throughout the day. Usually about an hour and a half to two hours after you eat you’re ready for a nap. In the afternoon you usually take one longer nap that can last anywhere from 1 to 2 hours. The other day you slept for 3 hours while Aunt S was babysitting! You never nap that long for me! You usually go down for the night at around 8:00, sometimes a little earlier, sometimes later. I am happy to report that you, my dear boy, are finally SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT! So anywhere between 5 and 7 am you wake up for your morning bottle then its every 3-4 hours from there.

What do your routines look like?

Eat, Play, Sleep! Depending on what time you get up for your morning bottle (if it’s super early, we sometimes go back to bed for another hour or two) you play for a while until you wear yourself out and then go down for a nap. Mommy and Daddy play with you a lot, but sometimes you like hanging out on your playmat, in your Sit Me Up Seat, or in your crib with your toys. When you’re up from your nap you’re usually ready to eat again. We follow this routine throughout the day. Sometimes we go to town to run errands, sometimes you sit in the kitchen in your bouncer and help Mommy cook dinner. When you start winding down in the evening we start your bedtime routine…diaper change, lotion, bedtime bottle, and we rock. We’re putting you in the bassinet again now that you are more mobile and are practically trying to climb out of the Rock N Play at night! You like to sleep on your side, and I’m hoping it’ll get you ready to transition to the crib soon. You are sleeping all the way through the night now without any middle of the night feedings (this just started so crossing our fingers it lasts!) but sometimes you get a little restless halfway through the night and mommy lets you sleep the rest of the night with her. Then we wake up in the morning and start all over again!

What size clothes and diapers are you wearing?

You can still wear some 3 month clothes, but 3-6 months are fitting you great. Some 6 month outifits fit you as well. I’ve told everyone not to buy anymore 3 months…only 3-6 months and up because you are growing fast! It seems I add more and more to the “Doesn’t Fit” pile everyday! You are still in size 2 diapers (Luvs) but the next box we will probably move up to 3’s.

What are some things you love?

You still love playing in the bath. You have a blast on your playmat everyday! You like sitting up like a big boy so you can see what’s going on. You like to watch TV, even though Mommy tries not to let you lol! You LOVE your changing table! I don’t know what it is about that thing, but it’s a party everytime you’re on it! Oh, and you found your feet and you love to grab them and chew them! You are even coming around to Tummy Time since Daddy brought you home a new tummy time pillow! Yay!

Tummy Time!

Tummy Time!

What are some things you don’t love?

You don’t like waiting for anything that you want, especially your bottle. You don’t like being held like a baby unless you’re sleepy or don’t feel good. You’re not crazy about eating off a spoon yet. You’re still not crazy about tummy time, although it’s getting better!

What can you do?

You can roll from back to front like a pro! You can reach and grab your toys. You try really hard to pull yourself up to a sitting position when you’re propped up on your boppy. You can “talk” like crazy and give us an earful every day! You can hold your binky and put it in and out of your mouth all by yourself! You try really hard to hold your bottle by yourself but it’s still just a little too heavy 🙂

I love my playmat!

I love my playmat!

Who has visited and watched you?

Aunt S and grandma take turns keeping you on Fridays when we’re both at work. You got to see lots of family on Easter and the next weekend was your papa’s birthday so you got to see all your great uncles and some of mommy’s cousins and of course your great grandma! You got to meet a lot of people at the wedding we went to, too!

What are we looking forward to in the next month?

Before you turn 5 months you’ll have you next checkup with Dr. Chris and your next set of shots. You’ll go to your cousin’s 1st birthday party. You’ll celebrate Memorial Day with the family, and if the pool is ready you may even have your first swim! And of course you’ll celebrate your first Mother’s Day with your mommy 🙂