Baby Nugget – 5 Months

Oh my! My precious little man, you are 5 MONTHS OLD!


This is way overdue! Sweet boy, you are growing so fast and have done so much this month! You keep mommy on her toes!

What are your stats and what does the doctor say?

At your 4 month checkup (which was a little late…about 2 1/2 weeks ago) you weighed in at 15lbs 14oz! I was surprised because I was sure you were well over 16lbs! You were 25 1/4in long. 60th percentile in weight and 50th percentile in height. Dr. Chris said you were a perfectly average baby (in a good way!). He was impressed with all the milestones you’re hitting and said that you were very strong when he let you grab his fingers and you pulled yourself up to a sitting position!  He said you were right on track and we could start solids whenever we felt ready.

What are you eating?

You are still eating Enfamil Infant formula, about 6.5oz every 3-4 hours during the day, sometimes even longer. We started baby food and you love it! So far we’ve tried carrots, green beans, peas, and bananas (you get to try apples today!). You’re favorites so far are carrots and bananas. You like green beans alright, but you don’t seem too crazy about peas, even though you ate them all up.



When do you eat and sleep?

You take a bottle about every 3-4 hours during the day. At lunchtime (usually between 11am-12pm) you get baby food. Right now you think baby food is just an appetizer, so about 30 minutes to an hour later you get a full bottle. You usually take a morning nap and an afternoon nap with a little snooze in the evening before bedtime. Sometimes you take long naps, sometimes you just catnap. You take a big bottle (about 7oz) at bedtime, which is usually about 8:00pm, sometimes even 7:30pm, and you usually sleep until about 6 or 7 the next morning, but here lately you sometimes wake up for a snack around 3 or 4am.

What do your routines look like?

Eat, play, sleep! When we get up for the day and you’ve had breakfast you play play play until you sometimes take a morning snooze. You like to have mommy or daddy close these days, so there’s no more lying you down on your playmat so I can get things done! At lunchtime you have baby food, then your bottle, and it back to playing again until you’re wore out and need a nap! Usually you sleep better during your afternoon nap, but its hit and miss. Once you’re up again its time to eat and then play some more. Sometimes we go run errands, or you sit up in your Sit Me Up seat and watch mommy clean house. Every other day you get a bath at some point during the day.  You start winding down in the evenings and sometimes need a little snooze before bedtime. At around 7:30 or 8pm we get you into your bedtime clothes and you get your bedtime bottle. Mommy usually sings to you while you eat and by the end of the bottle you’re konked out! You go down for the night into your crib (which we just moved into our bedroom) and you sleep there for a few hours ON YOUR BELLY. You usually wake up at some point in the night and spend the rest of the night snuggling with mommy in the big bed. In the morning we start all over!



What size clothes and diapers are you wearing?

You fit comfortably into 3-6 months clothes and 6 months. You can still wear a few of your 3 month onsesies, but I broke down and put most of them away the other day (you’re growing so fast!). You are still in size 2 diapers, but as soon as these are gone and we order another box you’ll be in size 3.

What are some things you love?

You love to eat baby food! You love attention 24/7! You love snuggling with mommy or daddy at night. You love to sit up in your sit me up chair or bouncy seat and I know you can’t wait until you can sit up on your own! You love Sophie the Giraffe! Daddy broke down and bought it, even though I said it was way too expensive for a glorified chew toy, but turns out it was a great investment for our teething boy! You love to look out the window outside. I’ll prop you up on the back of the couch so you can see out the window and you are entertained for a while! You like your Jumperoo, but usually only when mommy or daddy are sitting close. Oh, and you love Walmart! We took you for the first time the other day and you just laughed and cooed and giggled the entire time!!!


What are some things you don’t love?

You don’t like to be tired or hungry. You don’t like teething. You absolutely don’t like lying down anymore. You hate laying down to play and you don’t like to lay on your playmat much anymore. You are just so ready to sit up like a big boy, you are totally over laying down. You don’t like being left alone, even for a few seconds. Using the bathroom or taking a shower is getting difficult these days!

What can you do?

You can roll from back to front AND front to back! Sometimes you get going and roll across the room! You can eat from a spoon like a pro and sometimes even steal it from me to feed yourself! You can sit up by yourself for just a few second before you topple over, but we are practicing!

Who has visited and watched you?

No one new has watched you. You get weekly visits from various family members. You went to your cousin’s 1st birthday party and got to see a lot of people, although you weren’t too keen on meeting the birthday girl…you cried! You also went to Baby G’s 1st birthday party and met lots of new people! You also cried when you met the birthday girl at that party lol! I’m not sure if you don’t like other babies or girls or just birthday parties in general 😉

What are we looking forward to in the next month?

Before you turn 6 months you’ll try some more baby food! You’ll go swimming for the first time. You’ll practice sitting up on your own. And you’ll celebrate your daddy’s first Father’s day!


11 thoughts on “Baby Nugget – 5 Months

    • Aw thank you! Its getting harder and harder to update but I’m trying to stick to it! This one was so late considering he was 5 months on the 2nd! But better late than never!

      And I know! That would be so fun! That’s the only downfall to blogging….the friends you make are usually so far away 😦

  1. I love your blog. I came across it when I googled a medication option. Well after the post I read, I could not stop. I started at July 2012 because that is as far back as it would let me go. I have enjoyed reading your journey. It sounds a lot like me. So glad to see I am not the only one with these feelings. I get so mad seeing pregnant people. Especially the ones that were not wanted.

    I wanted to add one more thing about the crazy things people say like don’t drink the water. I have 2 children. (Both natural and before I was diagnosed with PCOS.) we have always wanted a large family. So when we started trying again when my 2nd child was 2, he is 8 now, we didn’t think it would be hard. Well after a year we were diagnosed with PCOS. Didn’t think much about it. Kept trying for a year without meds. Nothing! Then we were put on Clomid. Still after months nothing. So last year we finally got pregnant. We were more than thrilled. We announced on Easter with cute little candies that had you are going to be a big sister again or a big brother and so on for each family. We were 14 weeks pregnant when we announce. Went in at 17 weeks and 4 days for a regular visit. No heartbeat! Devastation took over my life that day. Well so many people kept telling me to be thrilled I already had 2 babies. I am! I am very blessed that I do have 2 wonderful children who are very healthy and very happy. It still hurts when you are so inconsiderate to think that just because I have children that my heart doesn’t ache for more. People just do not understand infertility. I also can not even imagine not able to have kids at all. So I am very blessed but also ache so much for more. We are starting a new regiment this month so baby dust my way please. I am sending baby dust your way for future reserve.

    Again your blog has been such a relief. Keep on posting!

    • Oh! I am so sorry about your loss and I’m so sorry people made light of it just because you already have children. That’s horrible. I felt like some people brushed off my miscarriage because it was an early loss, but for someone experiencing infertility who wants to be pregnant more than anything, a loss is a loss, no matter how early, and it is devastating. That’s why I love the people I’ve connected to on this blog, because they GET IT. People in my real life just don’t.

      Thanks for the sweet words about my blog 🙂 What is your new regimen consisting of? Good luck and lots and lots of baby dust your way!!! I hope you get your big fat positive SOON!!! 🙂

      • I will be doing Femera, Gonal-F, and Ovidrel. Still timed method for now. My insurance doesn’t cover anything. I am also suppose to take Metformin. That really does a number on my stomach but after reading your post, I restarted it and am working my way up. They want me to be on 3 a day. Plus I am taking my prenatals. I feel like I am a walking pharmacy.

        • Oh man I understand being a walking pharmacy! See if your doc will prescribe the metformin as extended release… it would say Metformin ER on the script and bottle. Its the same dose (I did 500mg twice a day) but it was SO much better on my stomach! I had NO stomach/bathroom issues on the extended release! Seriously, ask your doc! Its a world of difference and I really do think the metformin helps and it helps prevent miscarriage in people with pcos. I took it my entire pregnancy (as recommended by my doc) with no problems. 🙂

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