Help me name my blog!!!

Ok. I’ve been thinking of starting a second blog. One that I will share with my family and friends. I’ve tried hard to keep this blog somewhat anonymous (and sometimes didn’t do so well) but I’d like to be able to share updates on M with the people in my life. This blog is very important to me, and I will continue to update here, but at times it was messy, and ugly, and possibly offensive to some and its just not something I’m ready to share with the people in my real life.

Sooo…. I need help naming this new blog! It needs to have something to do with being a new mommy. I’d like to have a clever name. And possibly have some sort of reference to being a mother after infertility.  I’m open to all your suggestions!

Aaaannnd GO!


2 thoughts on “Help me name my blog!!!

  1. Journey to mommyhood? The little egg that could? Lol my rainbow blog is private and not for family. On visually since I bitch a lot about them on it haha. I created a FB account for Dex and that’s where my family get their updates. I don’t post to my FB account as I have too many loss moms on there and I don’t want them to unfollow me because they can’t take seeing baby pics and news all the time.

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