6 Month Pictures

To say this photo shoot was a disaster would be a HUGE understatement. What can I say? Apparently my kid hates having his picture taken. At least professionally speaking.

We were originally scheduled for our 6 month shoot on July 1st (M was 6 months on July 2nd) but he still wasn’t sitting up too well on his own so we pushed our appointment out to July 17th. M was in a great mood all day long that day! Laughing and giggling and smiling and playing. He took his morning nap like a champ, cooperated when I gave him a  bath and got him dressed, and snoozed in the car on the way to the photography studio.

That’s when shit got real, y’all.

He pretty much started crying the moment I took him out of his car seat. He wasn’t having any of it. I walked him around the studio, bouncing him and soothing him until he finally got it together, and the moment I sat him down in front of the adorable lemonade stand she had set up for him, he lost it again. Cut to 15 minutes later, we’ve finally gotten him to stop crying, but he will not smile for anything. The photographer (who only shoots newborn – 1st birthday, so she’s awesome with babies!) and I were doing everything we could to get this kid to smile. We looked like idiots. And M just stared at us looking annoyed and completely disgusted by us.

When I say we didn’t get any smiles, I don’t mean we got one or two and we just had to live with it. I mean we got ZERO smiles. None. Nada. Zip.

My photographer suggested we reschedule for a few days later and try again. I mentioned my husband could usually get him to laugh pretty easily, so we set up an appointment on a day that he could come along as well.

Cut to this past Sunday, July 20th. Another disaster. BUT, he was a little more calm with daddy there (even though daddy was too embarrassed to make the faces and noises in front of the photographer that usually makes M laugh…ugh!) and we managed to get a couple little almost-sorta-smiles. And boy did he make us work for it!!!

So here they are, M’s 6 month pictures:











So, yeah… we got a few good ones. It wasn’t a total loss. But trust me when I say we really had to work for it!

I mean, most of the pictures look like this one…and I’m pretty sure he’s trying to give us the bird in it, too.


Baby Nugget – 6 Months!

My handsome boy, you are 6 MONTHS OLD!


I can’t believe you are already half a year old already! It doesn’t seem possible! You are growing so much everyday, I barely remember that tiny newborn we brought home on that cold bitter January day.  It will be time to start planning a birthday party very soon!

It’s been a busy month! Since we are a little late on updating (you turned 6 months on July 2nd) we’ll include your first 4th of July in this update. You loved the fireworks! We watched the big show our town puts on from our driveway Thursday night and you couldn’t take your eyes off the sky! It was way past your bedtime, so you fell asleep on daddy’s shoulder about halfway through the show, but you enjoyed watching more on Friday night when we celebrated July 4th at Aunt S’s house!




You finally went swimming for the first time this last week as well! You weren’t too sure about the water at first, and it was still a little cold (it’s been a rainy and cool this summer, which is SO unusual for our neck of the woods! the water just isn’t warm yet!) but you warmed up to it quick and had a good time I think! You’re going to be my little Water Baby!



When we went swimming on July 4th you were so relaxed by the water you fell asleep!


What are your stats and what does the doctor say?

We go for your 6 month checkup on July 15. Until then I’m guessing that you are around 17ish or more pounds! I swear you’ve hit a growth spurt this week…. You all of sudden look so much bigger and are definitely getting much heavier!


What are you eating?

You are still eating Enfamil Infant, 7oz every 4 hours during the day. Lately you’ve been getting up once at night for a snack as well. You get baby food for lunch….so far you’ve tried green beans, carrots, peas, apples, bananas, and squash! The only one you didn’t care for was peas, but you still ate them.


When do you eat and sleep?

You get up between 6 and 7 every morning, but sometimes you sleep until 8, and you get a bottle every 4 hours. At lunch time you get baby food, then a half hour or so later you get your bottle. You take a morning nap and an afternoon, usually about an hour long, sometimes 2 hours in the afternoon, and lately you’ve been taking another snooze before bedtime.  Between 8 and 9pm you get your bedtime bottle and go to sleep for the night.

What do your routines look like?

Eat, play, sleep! Our routines stay pretty much the same. You eat every 4 hours, we play a while after you eat. Once you’re worn out you get a nap. Repeat for the afternoon. We’ve been getting out of the house a little more lately to run errands or grocery shop or visit family members. You like to get out 🙂 You get a bath every other day usually. Our bedtime routine is pretty simple these days. We change you into your overnight diaper and bedtime clothes, you get a bottle, and are usually asleep by the time the bottle is done. Mommy sings to you while you eat and then I take you into our bedroom and put you down in the crib. After a few hours you usually wake up and want in bed with Mommy. If you don’t get up for a late night snack, you usually want to eat by 4 or 5am. You go right back to sleep after that bottle and we sleep a few more hours snuggled in bed. (If its a day mommy has to work you stay in bed with daddy).


What size clothes and diapers are you wearing?

Some of your 3-6 month clothes still fit well, but some of it is getting snug this week! (Like I said, I’m pretty sure you grew overnight sometime this week!) 6 month clothes fit you great. You’ve got some pretty serious thunder thighs going on so some shorts are a little snug every if that fit great in the waist lol. You are wearing Size 3 diapers now and they fit SO much better than the 2’s!


What are some things you love?

You love to eat! You want everything Mommy is eating now! You love your Jumperoo. You LOVE your Sophie. You love to be outside and you love riding in the car and going to new places. You love sitting upright in your Sit Me Up Seat. You love playing with and chewing on a cool washrag. You absolutely LOVE your daddy! When he comes home from work all he does is look at you and you are all smiles and giggles and practically jumping out of my arms to get to him! But at nighttime, only Mommy will do 😉


What are some things you don’t love?

You don’t like being left alone. You don’t like being tired or sleepy. You don’t like having your clothes changed and you don’t like when mommy cleans your face with a washrag (but you like to chew on it when I’m done). You don’t like getting lotioned up anymore either. You don’t like daddy to get you if you wake up at night, you only want mommy.

What can you do?

You can sit up on your own…kind of! You do great until you go to look around or up or behind you, then you fall over. You are still wobbly, but we are working on it. You’ll have it mastered in no time, just like everything else.  You’ve been jabbering for a while now, but I can hear some da-da-da’s and ba-ba-ba’s sometimes. Hopefully there will be some ma-ma-ma’s in there soon 😉

Who has visited and who has watched you?

No new sitters, still primarily Aunt S and Grandma on Friday’s when Mommy and Daddy both work. I took you to see the girls at work again a couple weeks ago…they love you! I took you to see your Great Grandmas also (one on my dad’s side and one on my mom’s side). Mommy’s best friend from high school (and elementary school) finally came to visit with her little girl who is 6. They both loved you as well! But of course, everyone does 😉

What are we looking forward to in the next month?

Before you turn 7 months old you will master sitting up on your own! You’ll have your next set of shots (yuck!) and it’ll be your last until your 1 year checkup! You’ll have your 6 month pictures taken (we’ve got to go shopping!). And of course you will keep chowing down on new foods!