6 Month Pictures

To say this photo shoot was a disaster would be a HUGE understatement. What can I say? Apparently my kid hates having his picture taken. At least professionally speaking.

We were originally scheduled for our 6 month shoot on July 1st (M was 6 months on July 2nd) but he still wasn’t sitting up too well on his own so we pushed our appointment out to July 17th. M was in a great mood all day long that day! Laughing and giggling and smiling and playing. He took his morning nap like a champ, cooperated when I gave him a  bath and got him dressed, and snoozed in the car on the way to the photography studio.

That’s when shit got real, y’all.

He pretty much started crying the moment I took him out of his car seat. He wasn’t having any of it. I walked him around the studio, bouncing him and soothing him until he finally got it together, and the moment I sat him down in front of the adorable lemonade stand she had set up for him, he lost it again. Cut to 15 minutes later, we’ve finally gotten him to stop crying, but he will not smile for anything. The photographer (who only shoots newborn – 1st birthday, so she’s awesome with babies!) and I were doing everything we could to get this kid to smile. We looked like idiots. And M just stared at us looking annoyed and completely disgusted by us.

When I say we didn’t get any smiles, I don’t mean we got one or two and we just had to live with it. I mean we got ZERO smiles. None. Nada. Zip.

My photographer suggested we reschedule for a few days later and try again. I mentioned my husband could usually get him to laugh pretty easily, so we set up an appointment on a day that he could come along as well.

Cut to this past Sunday, July 20th. Another disaster. BUT, he was a little more calm with daddy there (even though daddy was too embarrassed to make the faces and noises in front of the photographer that usually makes M laugh…ugh!) and we managed to get a couple little almost-sorta-smiles. And boy did he make us work for it!!!

So here they are, M’s 6 month pictures:











So, yeah… we got a few good ones. It wasn’t a total loss. But trust me when I say we really had to work for it!

I mean, most of the pictures look like this one…and I’m pretty sure he’s trying to give us the bird in it, too.



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