Baby Nugget – 7 Months

Well, kid, as of August 2nd you are 7 months old!


It wasn’t a very eventful month for us. After July 4th things slowed down a little bit. We mostly just chilled at the house. But you did go to the mall with mommy one day. You rode in your stroller and took in the sights and were a very good boy! You also got to sit up in the big boy seat of the shopping cart at Walmart! You loved it and mommy is now on the hunt for a shopping cart cover for you.


You are cutting your first tooth right now and it is NOT fun! We can see a little bit of white poking through your top gum. I’ll be glad when it’s here and I can have my happy baby back!

What are your stats and what does the doctor say?

We went to your 6 month check up on July 15th and you were 18lbs 13oz and 27.5 inches long! You are growing growing growing! You were 70th percentile for  weight and 75th percentile for height! You’ve got a pretty big head, too haha! Dr. Chris said your big head means you’re either going to be very smart or very stubborn…or both (which is what I’m banking on)! We had an impromptu doctor visit on July 31st because you’ve been very cranky and tugging at your ear. Dr. Chris said there was a HUGE amount of earwax in your ear, so much that he couldn’t see inside. So he cleaned your ear out and said everything looked good other than the massive amount of wax. At that visit you were already up to 19lbs 6oz! You are growing SO fast!

We also talked to Dr. Chris about your sleeping habits, which just seem to be getting worse. Dr. Chris suggested trying some sleep training. He gave us some literature on it and said it’s not for everyone, but that he and his wife did it with their daughter at 9 months old and wished they had done it sooner. Basically, we will put you bed drowsy but awake and let you learn to soothe yourself to sleep. Right now you depend very heavily on a bottle to soothe you, which wouldn’t be so bad except you are getting up several times a night and there is no reason you should need that many bottles at night. We let you cry for 5 minutes at a time, then mommy can go in to comfort you for 1 minute (without picking you up) and then we wait another 5 minutes and so on. I’m not sure if its something that I can do, listen to you cry, but we are at our wits end at nighttime and don’t know what else to try. Wish us luck!!!

What are you eating?

You are still eating Enfamil Infant formula. 7-8oz every 4 hours. You have baby food 1-2 times a day and like to snack on your Baby Mum-Mums (we call them Num Nums) or have a taste of whatever mommy and daddy are eating once in a while. We got you some snacks out of the baby aisle to try. You don’t care for the yogurt melts, I think they are too tangy, and you won’t even put the “baby cheetos” (Parent’s Choice Little Munchers) in your mouth.


When do you eat and sleep?

You wake up anytime between 6am and 8am. You have a bottle every 4 hours, which amounts to 4 bottle a day. Sometime you get cereal or fruit (baby food) in the morning, and you usually get baby food at lunch time. At dinner time you like to eat while mom and dad eat, so you usually get one of your Num Nums or something you can feed yourself. You’ve been getting up 1-2 times at night lately and a bottle is the only thing that will soothe you back to sleep now that you are cutting teeth. Thank goodness that is getting better!

What do your routines look like?

Same ole same ole! You have your feeding schedule throughout the day, and you usually take a morning nap and an afternoon nap. We play throughout the day and sometimes go to town to run errands. You have a bath every other day usually. At bedtime you get your overnight diaper on and jammies and daddy reads a story, then mommy gives you your bottle and puts you down for the night. You’ve only been staying in your crib for a couple hours at a time, and once you wake up it is a battle to get you back to sleep! I’m hoping once your teeth come in this will get better though!


What size clothes and diapers are you wearing?

6-9 months and 9 months clothes and size 3 diapers. You are getting big!

What are some things you love?

You love to eat and put anything you can in your mouth! You love to ride in the car, you get very excited anytime we put you in your carseat. You love your new toys that mommy’s friend from work brought you (her little boy outgrew them). You love being outside or looking out the window. You love our doggie, Jenny! She is a beagle and getting up there in age…at least 10 years old. I feel like I haven’t given her much attention since you came along, but now that its warmer we go out to see her often and you just giggle and laugh at her. We gave her a bath the other day and she laid on her back at your feet waiting for you to rub her belly haha! 🙂


What are some things you don’t love?

You don’t like having your picture made (at least professionally!). You don’t like having your nose wiped or when mommy sucks the snot out with the Nose Frida. You’ve had a bad runny nose since Tuesday and you can barely breath when you lay down at night. But after the past week of Saline Spray, Nose Frida, Boogie Wipes, and the cool mist humidifier, I think you are finally starting to get better! I just hope it hasn’t drained into your ears 😦

What can you do?

You can sit up on your own like a pro! You can say Da-da. You can stand while assisted. You are trying very hard to pull yourself up. You’ve almost figured out how to get up on your hands and knees into the crawl position, but you’re not quite there yet. You can reach for people to pick you up.


What are we looking forward to in the next month?

Before you turn 8 months old you will hopefully get that nasty tooth in that’s been bothering you and we will probably work on your sleep training at some point! Yikes!



6 thoughts on “Baby Nugget – 7 Months

  1. Dex has been tugging at his ear too! The pedi told us that he more than likely just discovered it since there was nothing more than ear wax in it. I understand the sleep regression! ugg. The only way we can get him to sleep through the night is to have him between us, which I get very nervous about. So, we side cared the crib and he sleep there until about 4 am when he wakes up and all of a sudden wants a bottle. Then he gets between us. He used to sleep the night through! I cant stand to hear him cry, so I don’t know if I could do the sleep training!

    • Co-sleeping used to work for us! It made me nervous but he was sleeping through the night with me for a while. Then all of a sudden he’s up every 1-2 hours and is almost impossible to get back to sleep each time. He won’t even sleep in the bed with me anymore. I really wouldn’t even consider sleep training unless it was literally my last resort but he just keeps getting worse! I’m holding off since he’s cutting teeth right now and hoping he’ll sleep better when they come in….

  2. I was planning to sleep train Caroline and get her off her nighttime bottle by 9 months, but she kind of did it all by herself and started sleeping the whole night right at 8 months. If she woke I would try to comfort her or give her the binkie before I automatically went for the bottle and only gave it if she wouldn’t settle again. Lo and behold she just started doing it all on her own! (Of course now that she has a tooth coming through it’s a little touch and go.) So you never know, maybe you won’t have to go through the process of sleep training and he will figure it out on his own.

    • I don’t think I really painted a picture of how bad it actually has been in this post…lol…

      He literally will not stay in the crib for more than 2 hours a night. Period. He wakes up at least every 1-2 hours ALL NIGHT LONG and it takes FOREVER to get him back to sleep. We try binkie, shushing, rocking, walking. Here lately he’s gotten to where he only wants me to hold him and walk or sway…if I sit down to rock him he freaks out. I don’t know what the difference is between sitting and standing, but apparently he does! And the kid is nearly 20lbs and I have back problems (that have only gotten worse since I had him) and it kills me to hold him and walk the floors for an hour and a half at a time…which is how long it usually takes to get him asleep again.

      We used to co-sleep when he’d wake up out of the crib and he’d sleep the whole night through with me. But even that is out of the question. He bucks and screams if I lay down with him…he wants me up walking. That’s why I finally went to the doc to get his ears checked, thinking SOMETHING had to be wrong for him to not want to lay down at night…but all was well.

      I finally just give up and give him a bottle to get him back to sleep, sometimes twice a night…and there is NO reason he needs 2 full bottles at nighttime when he is getting 32-36 ounces during the day plus baby food.

      I’m literally at a loss! I don’t want to sleep train, but I’m afraid that’s what its going to come down to. I mean, it will be good for him to learn to go to sleep on his own and sleep in his bed, right????

      He’s cutting a tooth right now, so I’m holding off because I know it does hurt… And I’m hoping he’ll magically start sleeping better when this tooth comes in. But if not I’ll probably break down and sleep train.

      I really do envy you all with babies who figure it out on their own!! 🙂

      • Oh man. That sounds rough. We definitely had our fair share of weeks spent in total confusion over her sleep. Caroline does not like us to sit with her while she is fussing either, isn’t that weird?? She doesn’t really like to be cuddled or held close so sometimes it’s like, okay, you don’t want to be held but you don’t want to lie down either?? We ended up having her ears checked too because she would scream bloody murder if we laid her down. We definitely had our nights when I had fed her, changed her, rocked her, and she still would not rest so I honestly had to give up and let her cry for a little while. Personally I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that but it is hard to do at first. Is it something like, he isn’t comfortable with his mattress? Too hot, cold…I know you’ve probably tried it all haha. How about gas or reflux? I know Caroline doesn’t sleep very well if she’s gassy. Dunno…fingers crossed for you though!

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