Makes me SICK.

I’ve cried today. I’ve felt like throwing up today. I just want to kick my own ass for being such an idiot.

I took a video of M this morning. He’s doing this thing where I’ll raspberry at him and then he’ll do it right back and we go back and forth for a bit. It’s hilarious and adorable. He wasn’t cooperating so the video was a fail. My phone has been screaming at me that its running out of memory for a while so I deleted the video since it was just me making fart noises while M stared at me like I was an idiot.

Except I didn’t delete the video. I deleted the WHOLE FUCKING ALBUM. (excuse my language but FOR REAL.)

Over 800 photos in this album. GONE. And most of them are of my kid.

I spent most of my day scouring the internet hoping there was some way to recover them. Oh, there is. But it all involves some sort of shady software that cost a million dollars so I’m out of luck.

Its not a total loss of course. That album only had pics from May of this year until now. So everything taken before that is safe (and backed up now). And most of the really good pics of M have been uploaded to Facebook or Instagram so I can still get them. And let’s be honest, for every good pic of M in that album there were at least 10-20 blurry versions of the same photo because its impossible for a 6 month old to hold still and smile and pose on demand.

So did I lose 800 pictures? No. I lost maybe 70-80. Minus what was uploaded to social media.

Does it still hurt?? YES.

Is it the end of the world? No. But it sure felt like it this morning. And now I feel like a huge loser because my baby spent most of his day playing alone in the floor while I frantically searched google for answers when I could have been taking new pictures of his adorable face.

So let me be a lesson to you ladies. BACK UP YOUR SHIT.

I’m going to go cry myself to sleep now.


4 thoughts on “Makes me SICK.

    • The sad thing is we have an external hard drive! And DAYS before this happened I had my phone hooked up to the computer uploading a couple pics to edit and I thought “I should really transfer all my pictures on here since my phone memory is so low…” Oy!!! I could seriously kick myself! Oh well, life goes on I suppose!

  1. Oh no 😦 I’m so sorry! How awful. I’m lucky that my phone doesn’t have very much memory so I’m usually having to transfer all my pictures to my hard drive every couple of months but still…oh, I would be heartbroken.

    • I totally am still heartbroken! But luckily I’ve found a lot of pics in old text messages from the last couple months that I’ve sent to my parents or my husband while he was at work. I won’t ever get them all back but at least I’ve found what I have so there’s not 3 months of his life missing!

      I have since figured out how to activate google’s automatic backup of my photos so hopefully this will not happen again!

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