Good News!

So I bit the bullet and spent $49.95 on a recovery software so I could get my deleted photos back. I only got around 400 of the 800ish back (and I knew thats all I would get before I paid via a free preview) but to me it was so well worth the fifty bucks.

Just don’t tell my husband I actually paid that for it lol!

I have since made sure every photo I take from my phone is automatically backed up via the google photos app. I believe it is through picasa, not sure. I strongly encourage you all to figure out a way to get an auto backup on your phone (if you’re like me and take a ton of photos on it) as well! If you have an android phone the photos app will do an auto backup every time you take a photo, you just have to turn it on. A friend of mine mentioned she uses dropbox to backup her photos. Whatever you do, do something! Our pictures of our babies are too precious to lose and you never know when you will make an idiot mistake like me!

Good thing is I now have the recovery software for life should I ever need it again. I only wish I would’ve gone ahead and bought it that same day because in the last 5 days phone has already written over a lot of my photos, hence the reason I only got half of them back. Still so worth it!


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