Tonight’s the night…

We are starting sleep training tonight. For the last week we’ve established a very consistent bedtime routine: Bath, lotion and jammies, bedtime story, bottle and down. Tonight, we will not take him out of his crib, no matter how much he kicks and screams.

He’s been asleep in his crib for about 55 minutes now. When he does wake up we will leave him alone to cry for 3 minutes. After that I’ll go in to comfort him for 1 minute without picking him up.

This will continue until he goes back to sleep.

I foresee a long night ahead of us. My kid is barely 8 months old but he is already so strong willed and stubborn.

Wish us luck!


2 thoughts on “Tonight’s the night…

  1. Let me know how it goes! I tried that with Dex a few nights ago and it didn’t work so well. Haha. Once asleep he usually stays asleep, it’s getting him to bed is the issue!

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