Night 1

It went much better than I thought it would! M went down for the night at 8:22. He woke up right on time at 10:12. And the sleep training began…


He whined a bit and then started to cry out once I didn’t immediately come and get him. We timed it…I waited 3 minutes before I went in. I soothed him for 1 minute. Patted his butt, rubbed his back, shushed him and sang our bedtime song. Hubby had to tell me my minute was up. He screamed the moment I left his side.


I sat in the living room for the longest 3 minutes of my life. I watched him on the monitor look around his crib and reach his arm through the bars…. he was looking for me, reaching for me.


It was at that moment my heart broke and I began to cry. Hubby said that wasn’t a very good start and I needed to toughen up. I handed him the monitor because I couldn’t watch my baby reach out for me anymore.


When I finally got through the 3 minutes I ran back in to comfort my baby. He quieted down each time I went in, and even though he wanted me to pick him up and I wouldn’t, he seemed reassured that I was there. 


At 10:48 M was sound asleep. 36 minutes. That’s all it took. I was expecting HOURS, but he only cried for 36 minutes! 


He slept until 4:00, at which time we repeated the process. He was wishy washy that time…..falling asleep then waking up crying again. Finally at 5:30 I gave him a bottle, but still did NOT pick him up! He was asleep before he was done and slept until 8:45 this morning! 




Night 2 is on progress right now… Here’s hoping for another great night of sleep (or even better)!!!


4 thoughts on “Night 1

  1. Congrats. I would have broke as soon as I saw him reach. I can’t do it. Not after everything. This is why we sidecar and most of the time end up with him with us in bed. Strong will power momma, I know I don’t have what it takes!

    • I know, it was horrible! My heart just broke. 😦 If it weren’t for my husband I would have been right back in that room in a heartbeat. Our problem though, is that we brought him to bed with us because of this problem, and he got to where he was fighting us even in the bed with us. This was our last resort and I’m so glad we did it!

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