Baby Nugget – 8 Months

I cannot believe you are already 8 MONTHS OLD! Where has the time gone??!


As you can see, our photo shoot didn’t go so well because you are getting VERY mobile these days! Not crawling yet, but lunging and scooting and pulling yourself up on EVERYTHING! You are constantly trying to crawl out of your crib and would not sit down next to Sulley for anything lol! (crib mattress is getting moved DOWN tonight!)

This month you’ve had fun playing outside with Jenny during our pretty mild (for around here) summer. You’ve had a playdate with your friend, Baby J, you enjoyed Labor Day weekend with your family, and you got a brand new big boy carseat!




You had just woken up in this pic so that’s why you look so mad, but you usually LOVE riding in the car 🙂

You also had you first big boo-boo this month! You toppled over while you were playing and hit your eye on a toy! 😦 Mommy was so sad and you got extra love and cuddles that day!


What are your stats and what does the doctor say?

We haven’t been to the doctor and aren’t due to go until October, but I’m betting you’re around 21ishlbs and 28-29inches long… just a mommy guess, though 🙂

What are you eating?

Still Enfamil Infant. Around 30oz a day. You get baby food 2-3 times a day and you get to try bites of mommy and daddy’s food sometimes too. You finally came around to the Little Munchers (we call them baby Cheetos) and you tried some scrambled eggs but were not crazy about them at all!


When do you eat and sleep?

You get a bottle every 4 hours during the day. For breakfast you get cereal or blended fruits and oatmeal baby food. For lunch you get baby food. For dinner you sometimes get baby food and sometimes a little off mommy’s plate, just depends on how the night is going for us.

Now let’s talk about sleep….

Kid, I am SO PROUD OF YOU! For the past 5 nights you have slept in your crib in your room all night long! Now, mommy occasionally has to come in and comfort you a little, but you are so good at rolling over and putting yourself back to sleep now. Sleep Training was a success and I am so happy we went through with it. The only problem is now that you’re getting 12+ hours of sleep at night, you don’t want to nap during the day! Gotta figure that out, but one thing at a time!

What do your routines look like?

Eat, play, and SOMETIMES sleep during the day (working on naptime now that bedtime is better). We started a new bedtime routine that we are sticking with religiously. At 7:30 you get a bath. At 7:40 out of the bath and you get nighttime lotion and jammies on. Daddy reads you a bedtime story in your room, then mommy gives you your bedtime bottle at 8:00. By 8:15 you’re in your crib for the night. You stay there all night, and for now get up for a bottle between 3-5am. Then you usually sleep until 8 or longer. Then you get up, have breakfast, and we start the day again!


What size clothes and diapers are you wearing?

6-9 month and 9 month clothes. You are still wearing size 3 diapers but we switched to Huggies Little Movers because you kept having crazy blowouts in the Luvs. I miss the price tag on the Luvs, but we haven’t had any more messes with the Huggies and I actually like them a lot better…they seem much softer and more comfy on your little tushy.

What are some things you love?

You still love to eat! You love to be outside and you think our dog Jenny is the greatest thing! You love love love to stand up!


What are some things you don’t like?

You don’t like the vacuum cleaner or mommy’s hair dryer. For some reason now they scare the bejeebus out of you! You don’t like to be left alone for even a minute.

What are some thing you can do?

You can pull yourself up and that’s all you want to do now! Still not crawling and really showing no interest, but you can scoot and roll to get places. You can say “Mmmm” after a bite and still only say Dada. You can blow a raspberry back when someone blows one to you.

What are we looking forward to in the next month?

Before you turn 9 months old, hopefully you will work on crawling! We will go shopping for clothes for your 9 month pics coming up, and we will do family pictures at that time too! Still no teeth so hopefully it will come through, too! And we will work on naptime once bedtime is completely stable.


Nights 2 & 3

Went great!

He woke up at 10:44 the 2nd night. We went 5 minutes before going in to him this time. By 11:12 he was sound asleep again. Up at 4:30 for a bottle and back to sleep until almost 9 the next morning!

Night 3 was even better! He woke up a couple of times and cried out just once, then found his binky and rolled over and went right back to sleep. (This means he is learning to soothe himself to sleep, something he has never been able to do before! I’m so excited for him!) He woke up around 2am and we let you whine and cry for about 5 minutes. I went in, gave him his binky, patted his butt and off to sleep he went! Woke again at 5:30 for a bottle, then back to sleep until 8:40!

So proud of my little guy!

I’m happy that he’s getting good sleep, finally, and I’ve gotten some of the best night’s sleeps that I’ve had since before I had him!