Nights 2 & 3

Went great!

He woke up at 10:44 the 2nd night. We went 5 minutes before going in to him this time. By 11:12 he was sound asleep again. Up at 4:30 for a bottle and back to sleep until almost 9 the next morning!

Night 3 was even better! He woke up a couple of times and cried out just once, then found his binky and rolled over and went right back to sleep. (This means he is learning to soothe himself to sleep, something he has never been able to do before! I’m so excited for him!) He woke up around 2am and we let you whine and cry for about 5 minutes. I went in, gave him his binky, patted his butt and off to sleep he went! Woke again at 5:30 for a bottle, then back to sleep until 8:40!

So proud of my little guy!

I’m happy that he’s getting good sleep, finally, and I’ve gotten some of the best night’s sleeps that I’ve had since before I had him!


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