Wow. It’s been a while.

Seriously, though. My kiddo is no longer a baby and instead is big, strapping, 30lb 2 year old! How did that happen?? And how did I let almost a year go by without updating this thing? Oh, that’s right…life with a toddler is, well, BUSY.

It’s fun and crazy and out of control most of the time, but busy is definitely the word to describe life. I’m still working part time and staying home with M the rest of the time. He still doesn’t going to daycare, although I am already looking around at preschools, even though it will be at least another year and a half before he attends. He is growing up into a pretty amazing little dude though.

He is incredibly smart and mischievous and stubborn to a fault. He figures things out that I would never even expect him to, he is definitely a thinker. He is behind on his speech, but excels everywhere else. We have a meeting with the speech therapist next Tuesday to evaluate him and determine if he needs to begin speech therapy. He has excellent understanding and communicates in his own way, so I’m hoping he is being stubborn verbalizing and will pick it up pretty quickly. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t worried, but I’m trying to wait until his appointment to get worked up about anything.

We just got over a cold/flu epidemic at my house and then last week our first ever experience with a toddler with the stomach bug. Boy, was that NOT fun!!!

Any plans for more babies? Maybe. I’m getting the fever. I don’t want another winter baby right around Christmas though, so it will probably be this summer before we would start trying again. I’d also like to lose a little weight before getting pregnant again… I gained all my baby weight back after going back to work and I absolutely hate myself for it!

I’m scared to start trying again. I don’t want to go through the infertility thing again. But its been a year since I had a period on my own, so I know it’ll be back to the old grind of meds and shots and scheduled sex. And heartache and disappointment. So. Much. Fun. I’m also terrified of being pregnant while also having a toddler. And of having a newborn while also having a toddler. Both things were difficult the first time around WITHOUT a toddler lol! But I guess women do it every day. I’m sure I’ll be back here more often if and when we do start TTC again. Although I may move to another blog, I’m not sure. I’d like to start a blog I can share with my friends and family, and there is just too much here that I cannot share with them. Who knows.

Ok, I’m cutting it off here because it naptime and I’m on borrowed time haha! Sorry its been so long. I don’t even know who all would even still be reading this! I’ll leave you with a couple of updated pictures of my big boy. Hopefully I will be back soon 😉


9 thoughts on “Wow. It’s been a while.

  1. He’s adorable! My son is also not talking a lot, but everyone tells me not to worry about it, that one day he’ll just start talking like crazy and I’ll want him to shut up. I hope that’s true. I’ve been wondering where you’ve been. I stop by here once in awhile.

    • Thanks! I have some people who say don’t worry and other who are constantly asking God when he’s going to start talking more. Can’t win for losing!

      I’ve missed blogging and keeping up with everyone here! I’m going to try to do better but no promises lol. Do you have instagram or anything like that? I post pics and update son Mason there alot @kristenashley83 if you are ever on there!

      I just read that you’re pregnant again? Congrats! Hoping for a healthy uneventful pregnancy for you!

  2. Two different things. 1 said Dex was slightly behind even though he constantly talks, he should know more words. 2 said he was advanced for his age but needed to work on pronunciation and diction. So there, I think they all blow smoke. One said behind, one said ahead. Worry about it when he is 5 and in Kinder. 🙂 If he is having ‘problems’ then, then you can worry about it 🙂

    • Thanks, that makes me feel better! Mason does say certain words, but he is not putting 2 words together yet to make sentences or anything like that. But like I said, he communicates in his own way… he stays home with me or my husband so I guess we’ve developed our own language of sorts maybe? The pediatrician isn’t concerned about any other developmental delays and thinks it’s probably just an isolated speech delay. So we’ll see what they say at his evaluation next week I guess. If nothing else I hope we can learn some different ways of teaching him that we maybe aren’t already doing. The kid is smart, he knows his colors, shapes, animals, animal sounds, we are starting to work on letters… he just won’t verbalize any of it lol except making the animal sounds of course 🙂

      Anyways, thanks for the encouragement! I have some people who stain say don’t worry and others (mostly family) constantly asking when he’s going to talk and are seriously giving me a complex about it :/

      • Ugg. Family can be the worst!! If it helps, I did not a HUGE different when Dex went from the Todds room into the 2s room. In the todds he was the oldest, in the 2s he is the youngest. Most are almost 3. In less than a week he went from 2-3 word sentences to using full sentences. I really think it has to do with seeing the other kids do it. We always talk normally with him, but we are ‘big people.’ Wish we were closer! We could do play dates 🙂 We are going to be enrolling Dex in gymnastics classes in a couple months, maybe there is some sort of kid play things you could get him in with other kids his age once a week, if you are worried. He will see others doing it and maybe it would make him want to try to verbalize more. If you aren’t worried though, I’d just say F it. LOL! Don’t sweat the family, just tell them, “When he’s ready.” (easier said than done though!)

        • Family is definitely NOT helpful sometimes! I have a few friends with kids his age that we try to do playdates with, but it’s been a while with the holidays and then him being sick this past month. But I’m going to try to start planning them again. And our library does a story time every week for kids 3 and under that I plan to check out too. I’m with you, maybe if he’s around kids more he will start to talk more. I’ve even considered putting him in daycare if even part time to see if that helps. I’ve been so fortunate to only work part time and be able to keep him home, and it’s always been my plan to do preschool when he’s 3 (that’s the staring age of actual curriculum preschool here) but maybe he’s ready for something now? I guess I will decide what to do once we talk to the speech therapist…

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