Name Game

So it’s hitting me that I am halfway through this pregnancy.  HALFWAY.  I am 20 weeks.  That means only 20 more weeks to go!  And that’s only if I go to 40 weeks!  Yikes!  The paranoid momma inside of me is transforming into a panicky momma instead.  We have SO much to do!

The crazy thing is I don’t even know where to start!  My mom and aunt have been buying things nonstop since we found out we’re having a boy.  I’m not worried about things like clothes and whatnot, because I know he’s going to have plenty.  My dad told me last weekend to pick out my crib and nursery furniture and he would buy it for us as our shower present.  So now all I have to do is pick it out.  As far as other stuff goes, I’m at a loss as to what we should be purchasing right now and what things we should wait on in case we get them at one of our showers.  I think for now I’m going to focus on furnishing and decorating the nursery and go from there.  I see a checklist in my near future.

Another thing we need to get on the ball with is a name for this kid.  I know we have until he is born, but I’d rather have one picked out sooner than later.  I have to admit, boy names are hard.  He’s going to have to live with this name forEVER.  It’s a lot of pressure to name another human being!

We do have a middle name already.  My hubby’s middle name is a family name and we had decided before we even got pregnant that if we had a boy we would keep his middle name, which is Edward.  Now we just need something to go in front of it!

This last week we made a little bit of headway.  There are three names on the table right now.  And while they aren’t necessarily the top three names we’ve narrowed down to or even any of the possible names this baby might be named, it’s something to work with.

One of these names I’ve picked out.  One of them my husband picked out.  And one of them we both mutually picked out.  I don’t hate any of them.  But there is one in particular that I feel like is his name.  But hubby’s not quite sold.  So here’s the three names we’ve got so far, in no particular order…


Jase or Jace


Any thoughts on these names?  Or any suggestions on any other baby boy names?  We need all the help we can get!!! 🙂


Baby Nugget – 20 Weeks!

Break out the sparkling cider — You have hit the half way point in your
pregnancy!  Baby is the size of a banana!  He weighs about 10.6 ounces and is
about 6.5 inches long!  He still has a lot of growing to do though.  At week
20, your baby has working taste buds, and he is gulping down several ounces of
amniotic fluid a day!

How far along? 20 weeks…holy cow!

Total weight gain: -4lbs. I fluctuate 2 or 3 pounds every week and have yet to get back up to my pre-pregnancy weight.  Even though I haven’t gained anything, I’m definitely feeling like I have!  This baby is taking up a lot of space and I feel huge!

Maternity clothes? Waiting for my jeans to come in 🙂

Stretch marks?  No new ones.

Sleep:  Still restless and getting up in the middle of the night to pee.

Best moment this week: Nothing major happened this week. I guess just feeling baby boy move around every day is pretty awesome!

Miss Anything? Sleeping through the night. Sweetbay white chocolate mochas.

Movement:  Yes!!! And a lot of it! It’s amazing! My little boy is a mover!

Food cravings:  Milk. Chocolate milk. Volcano tacos from Taco Bell (minus lettuce).

Anything making you queasy or sick: Someone came into the clinic with an infected eye socket this week. I didn’t stomach that too well.

Gender prediction: Sweet baby boy!

Labor Signs:  No, thank you.

Symptoms:  Fatigue, sore nipples this week, mild nausea, bloat/gas, super sense of smell. Occasional round ligament pain. Sciatic nerve pain! Heartburn and indigestion! Leg cramps at night. Oh, and a new one…shortness of breath!

Belly Button in or out?  In.  I have a pretty chunky belly, so I imagine it’ll stay.

Wedding rings on or off?  They fit.

Happy or Moody most of the time:  Pretty happy!

Looking forward to:  My next ultrasound.

Next appointment:  August 27th – Anatomy Scan!