Once again my 21 week update will be making a late appearance.  But this time its not my fault! Our Internet has kicked the bucket. Sad days, friends! The cable guy will be out tomorrow to determine if our modem went out or if its a problem in the cable or splitter. Until then, I’m typing this post on my phone, so it will be a quick one!

Nothing huge to update on this week. I had planned to make an “annoying bump buddy” post but it will have to wait until our internet is up and running because I have a lot to say. I’ve somehow gained almost 2 pounds this week and I have to say I feel every ounce! I still dont think I look pregnant, but I’m starting to feel huge. I can’t even bend over to tie my shoe without getting out of breath.

In other exciting news, I’m attending my very dear friend’s adoption shower today! This is the first baby shower I’m actually happy to be attending since I first started trying to get pregnant. They should be approved for placement very soon and I am so hoping they get their take home baby (or babies!) soon after! 🙂

Ok. Time for this pregnant lady to crawl outta bed and get cleaned up. Still have gifts to wrap for the shower, and I’ve got to find something to wear…ugh.  Hopefully my regular update will be up soon!