39 Weeks 2 Days

And still no baby!  I’m pretty sure he has no plans of leaving anytime soon.  Stubborn little guy.

I have been CRAZY miserable this last week.  I’m so uncomfortable and I can’t sleep at night at all anymore.  My entire pelvic region hurts like crazy.  I don’t know how I can’t be dilated already.  There is so much pressure and achiness down there when I stand up I can barely walk sometimes.  It literally feels like my vagina is breaking in half.  Sorry for the TMI, but that’s the only way I know how to describe it.  I also just got over a sinus infection, which made me feel like death.  Dr. L sent me in a zpak and I finally started to feel better.  I’m not sure there’s much worse than being pregnant and sick at the same time.

My last appointment was on Monday and I ended up seeing a different doctor than expected, but I liked him a lot so that’s ok.  He said my cervix was thinning (Hubby swears he said 50% but I don’t recall hearing him say that) but I was still completely closed.  Sealed up tight.  He gave me the rundown on what to watch for as far as labor goes and where to go/who to call, and told me to see Dr. L again on Monday the 30th.  I talked to him a little about my concerns of coming off the lovenox, and he said while there is risk to coming off, there is also risk to not coming off.  He said the most important thing was to monitor fetal movement and if it slows down don’t hesitate to call.  He told me a good rule of thumb is count kicks/rolls/movements for 1 hour after a meal (when baby should be most active) and I should count at least 5 in an hour.  If any less he said call and not to feel silly about it.  So I’ve been pretty obsessed with counting kicks, and so far so good.  I always count 5 within 15 minutes or so, so I take that as a good sign.  That doesn’t help me feel any less paranoid though.  And I still poke and prod on him a lot if I don’t feel him for a while.

The closer I get to labor the more nervous I get.  If I let myself thing about it too much I really start to freak out.  I’m scared, admittedly.  Not just of the birth itself, but of all the things that can still go wrong.  I know I shouldn’t think that way but it’s difficult not to.  I made it SO far and I can’t help but still expect something bad to happen.  Infertility does this to you I guess.  I’m trying to think positively though and not dwell.  I have a good doctor and I trust that I’ll have good people taking care of me.


Week 38:

Baby is about 18.9 to 20.9 inches long and weighs about 6.2 to 9.2 pounds. His head is now about the same circumference as his abdomen. He may have about an inch or so of hair already. He’s slowly shedding that white goo on his skin (called vernix caseosa) but you might see some of it at birth.

Week 39:

Baby keeps growing, despite being so crowded in there. He probably weighs around 6.2 to 9.2 pounds and measures about 18.9 to 20.9 inches. He’s probably able to flex his limbs now.  His brain is still rapidly developing — he’s getting smarter by the week! His nails may extend past his fingertips.

How far along? 39 weeks (and 2 days)…and still waiting!

Total weight gain: As of this morning +14lbs

Maternity clothes? Just yoga pants/pajamas/big tshirts mostly. I don’t have a reason to get up and get ready most days since I’m on bed rest. But if I do go out it’s my maternity leggings and a long tunic top.

 Stretch marks?  No new ones. But my old ones are stretching out a bit.

Sleep:  What sleep?! Seriously. I cannot sleep at night anymore. I maybe get 2-3 hours then I’m wide awake because I’m so uncomfortable. I usually fall back asleep around 7am and sleep until 10 or 11. My sleep schedule is ridiculous right now.

Best moment this week: Christmas was fun, even if I was miserable and a little cranky all day.

Miss Anything? Sleeping on my stomach. Sleeping period. Being able to walk out of the room without losing my breath. SO MANY THINGS! lol..

Movement:  Yep.  Sometimes I feel like it’s slowing down a bit but I’ve been keeping a close eye on him.

Food cravings:  Anything sweet. And carbs.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing in particular but I have had a couple of nausea spells the last weeks or so.

Gender prediction: Sweet baby boy!

Labor Signs:  Contractions. Pelvic pressure/pain. Diarrhea (still).

Symptoms: Have I mentioned hemorrhoids yet?  Yeah, those are a blast.  Frequent urination.  Sciatic nerve pain. Heartburn and indigestion.  Shortness of breath.  Braxton Hicks/actual contractions.

Belly Button in or out?  In, but it looks weird.

Wedding rings on or off?  They fit when I first put them on. After a few hours they get tight.

Happy or Moody most of the time:  Pretty happy!  And tired.  And anxious.

Looking forward to:  Meeting this little guy!

Next appointment: Monday December 30th.


38 Weeks

And still closed for business.

Yep, as of my appointment yesterday, my cervix is still locked up tight.  This kid has no plans of going anywhere anytime soon!

I guess I’m ok with that.  We still technically have 2 more weeks for things to happen.  I was just SO sure he was going to get here much earlier than that.  And we were really hoping he would get here before the 1st of the year.  If he doesn’t, he doesn’t, and that’s ok with me.  Just goes to show, no matter what mom and dad have planned, with kids you just never know what’s going to happen!

Dr. L said we can still induce a couple days early (meaning the last week of December) but ONLY if I’m showing signs of progression…my cervix has got to be thinning and at least a little bit dilated.  He will not induce early if I’m still thick and closed.  Which is good, I guess.  But I do not like the idea of going to 41 weeks, which is the point where he WILL induce if something hasn’t happened yet.  After our checkup yesterday, my husband is convinced that he’s not going to be here until January.  Maybe, maybe not.  One thing is for sure, if something hasn’t happened by then, we WILL have a baby by January 8th (my 41 weeks mark).  A lot can happen between now and then, so we will just continue to wait and see.

Other than not being dilated at all, my checkup went well.  Dr. L is ready for me to come off of the lovenox, which is both scary and such a relief.  He doesn’t see a need at this point for me to continue on any other blood thinner as he will be monitoring me closely from here until the end.  Baby boy seems as healthy as can be.  He has been moving a LOT lately, and was such a wiggle worm while we were trying to hear his heartbeat on the Doppler yesterday!  Dr. L had to chase him around again before we finally heard it.  I didn’t freak out this time because I felt him moving the whole time.  Dr. L loved it, he said that when a baby is moving that much it can only mean that they are healthy and doing great.

My next appointment will be on Monday.  Dr. L is out that day so I’ll be seeing another doctor.  At first he told me he would have me see Dr. Douchebag (remember him?) and I was NOT excited one bit about it.  But, when I was checking out the girls said Dr. Douchebag was going to be out that day as well (oh, darn!) so I’m seeing Dr. R, who is the only woman doctor in the practice.  I’ve never seen her as a patient, but she has been a patient in the clinic that I work at and I’ve spoken with her on the phone and done her exams many times over the last couple years.  She’s a little bit of an airhead (for lack of a better word) but she’s nice and I’m good with seeing her for one visit.

So, that’s that.  We are still just waiting patiently until this boy decides he’s ready to come out! 🙂