Name Game – Part 2 (input, please!)

Ok. We have less than 8 weeks until this little fella is here, and we are still trying to decide on his name!! We do have it narrowed down to 2 choices.  Hubby told me to pick one, he’s fine with either.  So it’s all up to me and that’s a lot of pressure!!! Give me your opinions ladies!  Middle name is Edward (hubby’s  middle name/family name) and our last name starts with an H and is 3 syllables long.  So here’s the 2 choices we’ve narrowed it down to:


Mason Edward


Chace Edward 

Panicked Pregnant Lady

26 weeks pregnant.  It blows my mind.  And makes me break out in a nervous sweat!


Ok, ok.  The nursery walls are painted.  The crib is put together.  We have a dresser ordered which will be in next Friday.  We have a bassinet for which my granny is furiously sewing new sheets and bedding for.  Oh, and I bought a rug for the nursery.  We do have a rug.

But the list of things we don’t have is endless!  A rocker/glider.  Crib bedding.  A name for this child.  And pretty much anything else baby related.

I had a tiny meltdown last weekend because I felt like we were just so unprepared.  We only have 14 weeks left, maybe, unless he decides to come sooner.  14 weeks is plenty of time, but somehow feels like it’s no time at all!

My shower is coming up on November 2nd, and we are waiting to see what all we get before we make any big purchases.  So really, I shouldn’t be panicking just yet.  Except for the fact that I still need to register for this shower.  The thought overwhelms me because while I feel like we don’t have anything, I have no idea where to start and what we DO need!  But, I plan to have the registering done this weekend nonetheless.

I had my 1 hour glucose test on Tuesday.  It wasn’t good (the sugary drink) but I gulped it down like a champ.  I realized yesterday that my doctor’s office hasn’t called me with the results yet.  I’m not sure how long it takes for them to get the results back, but in the past I’ve always gotten a phone call with lab results the next day.  So I’m hoping I passed, but I’m going to call on Monday to find out for sure.

While I was in for my checkup, Dr. L raved about how amazing I’ve done with this pregnancy.  We’ve gotten over hurdle after hurdle, and with all the complications we were afraid we’d be facing due to my history and trouble getting pregnant/staying pregnant in the past, we’ve pretty much had a normal healthy pregnancy so far.  He told me he would see me again in 4 weeks, and by that time I’ll be 30 weeks along and only 9 weeks from delivery time.  After that I’ll see him every 2 weeks until we deliver.  It’s pretty exciting and scary at the same time!

The 2nd trimester has FLOWN by!

Name Game

So it’s hitting me that I am halfway through this pregnancy.  HALFWAY.  I am 20 weeks.  That means only 20 more weeks to go!  And that’s only if I go to 40 weeks!  Yikes!  The paranoid momma inside of me is transforming into a panicky momma instead.  We have SO much to do!

The crazy thing is I don’t even know where to start!  My mom and aunt have been buying things nonstop since we found out we’re having a boy.  I’m not worried about things like clothes and whatnot, because I know he’s going to have plenty.  My dad told me last weekend to pick out my crib and nursery furniture and he would buy it for us as our shower present.  So now all I have to do is pick it out.  As far as other stuff goes, I’m at a loss as to what we should be purchasing right now and what things we should wait on in case we get them at one of our showers.  I think for now I’m going to focus on furnishing and decorating the nursery and go from there.  I see a checklist in my near future.

Another thing we need to get on the ball with is a name for this kid.  I know we have until he is born, but I’d rather have one picked out sooner than later.  I have to admit, boy names are hard.  He’s going to have to live with this name forEVER.  It’s a lot of pressure to name another human being!

We do have a middle name already.  My hubby’s middle name is a family name and we had decided before we even got pregnant that if we had a boy we would keep his middle name, which is Edward.  Now we just need something to go in front of it!

This last week we made a little bit of headway.  There are three names on the table right now.  And while they aren’t necessarily the top three names we’ve narrowed down to or even any of the possible names this baby might be named, it’s something to work with.

One of these names I’ve picked out.  One of them my husband picked out.  And one of them we both mutually picked out.  I don’t hate any of them.  But there is one in particular that I feel like is his name.  But hubby’s not quite sold.  So here’s the three names we’ve got so far, in no particular order…


Jase or Jace


Any thoughts on these names?  Or any suggestions on any other baby boy names?  We need all the help we can get!!! 🙂